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L1's Renault shenanigans - on location


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10 hours ago, loserone said:

Genuine new rear shocks and OEM spec springs arrived last week, so tonight @Jimbob McGregor very kindly fitted them for me.  



It's sitting a little higher but the ride is comparatively superb, I can't believe how much better it is to drive.  The old shocks were fucked.

Took it home via lying on the road for some four minute exposure shots.




First photo of the van would make a great calendar photo. 

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13 minutes ago, garbaldy said:

How come the normal suspension has shorter shocks than the lowered set up ?

Good question, well asked.  


No idea.  Assume that they were the wrong shocks for the car.

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4 hours ago, loserone said:

Good question, well asked.  


No idea.  Assume that they were the wrong shocks for the car.

Yup does seem that way from that picture.

I've only once thought I knew better than billion pound car makers and lowered a car, biggest costly mistake I ever made and stuck the normal springs back on with the uprated shocks, these roads round here are not good enough for lowering cars and totally spoil the ride,   I can see the benefits for track or even foreign roads but over here waste of time.


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I unlowered my 182 as soon as I got it and put it back to standard cup spec, and this is coming from someone who likes a lowered car.

182's don't have a massive amount of grip like a 197/200, but that's the fun, you can throw it about and get out of shape and it doesn't bite you in the arse.

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Smallest boy smashed his wooden truck into my fog light.


Tonight he's made amends


No video of him testing because 1.32Mb is an unreasonable file size to host on a forum, so you'll have to decide how good a 2 year olds electrical skills are.  


He can scoot on a bike and sing twinkle twinkle little star.  Do you think he can fit a fog light?

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Today was suspension fitting day for the front.

I got a nice video from the garage* explaining what's been wrong for the last 7 weeks


* Thanks @Jimbob McGregor




off with the old and on with the new*

*With some bits of fiat Panda. 

It's now properly driveable on actual roads.






now it's just rattley and loud 😁

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Little shit wouldn't start Thursday morning so I ended up doing the school run in the express at the last minute.

Tested the battery a few weeks back and the conclusion was "last fucking legs mate", so got a new OEM one from Tayna for £59 delivered.

Fitted it and the stereo code from Renault didn't work and it still didn't fucking start.

Spent two hours last night lying on my back under a dozen housemarten nests taking earth straps off, sanding the connections, greasing them and bolting them back together.


Was still getting nothing but one loud click when I tried to use the starter.  Planned to get some help to push it up the hill and see if it would jump start, thinking it was probably the starter solenoid.


Pulled the stereo and there's another code written on the top.



Jimbob very kindly rocked up today to give me a push, and the fucking thing started like there was nothing wrong in the first place. 


Bastard thing.

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  • loserone changed the title to L1's Renault shenanigans - on location

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