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L1's pug shenanigans - tractor home at last


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Fleet update:


Jim H popped down with his dad and picked up the FR-V this morning.  Absolute pleasure to deal with.  


With that gone I've taxed and insured the Partner again now it's working*


I still have a few things to sort out on it.


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the airbag needs reseating (driver's airbag open circuit since I swapped the Com2000 unit for an ebay one to free up the one which was working fine but belongs to another car) so airbag light showing

the ABS is not communicating with the ECU (but lexia talks to it just fine) so STOP, EML and brake warning lights showing

The BSI is out of a berlingo (so requires Lexia not Peugeot Planet) - need to source a Peugeot one

I haven't enabled the cruise stalk

I need to upgrade to the two line centre display from a high spec 206 to be able to see the content of it.



And after sitting for six months, it seems to need a wheelbearing.

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