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L1's pug shenanigans - ANOTHER LION FOLLOWED ME HOME

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On 6/22/2020 at 1:19 PM, loserone said:

Mrs L1 has lost the keys to the 205.

I found them halfway down the garden, but decided it would be best to have a spare ignition key.  I have a key blank but I'm avoiding small confined spaces with the public in, so I sat with a file.




However, I didn't want to have to carry two of these bulky keys around, I bought them for the 306 which needs a transponder


On the left ignition, on the right doors.

In the middle, god knows


(Apparently I have to spell it out.  I cut each side to copy a different key; now I have one key which does it all, but has the be the right way around)

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On 6/22/2020 at 7:22 PM, Tepper said:

Can you not just knock the guts of it out with a broom handle or whatever once it's removed through the open ends, then refit without it looking any different?

That’s what I would do (have done for a few diesel cats) and in the case of a dpf have it mapped out.

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Many thanks to @Jimbob McGregor for his assistance this evening, the 406 now has a list of things to sort and is fundamentally sound.


Tightened the throttle cable and fixed* the swirl flap actuator with a couple of zipties, it's now fast enough to make the horrific brakes and Chinese ditch finders a problem.



Economy is also suitably improved.

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  • 1 month later...

On Saturday I was up to my belly in the river when I had a message to go and pick up my car.  So I walked along the valley a bit and collected the 206.  It's had a drop link, TREs, strut tops and strut top bearings, q cambelt, oil, filter, coolant, aux belt etc.  And has been properly aligned.  After an initial confusion that it doesn't have eleventy inches of travel like the 205, it's proven it's warm hatch place in my heart again rapidly.  Looking forward to using it in anger a bit, we've had guests all weekend so couldn't really nip off on my own for a drive!


@Jimbob McGregor has found himself a little vehicularly embarrassed this week, so the 205 is back with him where I am sure it will continue to rack up thousands of miles in comfort and hilarious cornering.  


Feels a bit odd not having a 205 outside, I'd best do something about that.

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406 has been pulsing the ABS at low speed, the front wheels didn't spin freely, and the brakes were shit.


Tonight under the watchful eye of Mr McGregor the discs and pads were changed, and he also popped a new ABS reluctor ring on for me.  








I was very proud of myself at this point, but shortly afterwards it was spotted that all the pad springs were in the wrong place and I had to take them all off again.



Anyway, until this week I had never touched any brakes except bikes and unicycles, so many thanks again for keeping me straight and putting up with me being a hamfisted oaf with your tools and generally making a mess @Jimbob McGregor

Next up? Arch liners back in the 206, and maybe even a go in the 205.


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Ran the 205 down to Stanhope this morning, a little 20 mile tootle to pick up the local garage owner from dropping a neighbour's Freelander for an MOT.  It's definitely a bit wobbly, could do with sorting the suspension, steering, gear linkages etc.  Engine and brakes faultless though.


Need to decide if it's a relative keeper first though.

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Some hoola hoops turned up today


So I rubbed down the wheels, wiped them with a sponge of vactan, and crudely primered them.  Apparently I don't have any paint suitable to a final finish anywhere.


Dropped it off with Mr McGregor who ran it along to a less local garage to get the tyres fitted tomorrow.  Had it on the lift and it seems pretty solid, few loose bits needing some attention but it's good where it matters.


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Not sure how I've managed to not have ANY tax disc holders left.  Donations welcome at this point to the usual address.


Have been prepping the 406 for a quick jaunt.

  •  Cambelt must be there, because the engine runs
  • Driveshafts are bent, but I haven't sourced new straight ones
  • That back tyre was a bit worrying as it was badly worn on the outside.

I had prioritised sorting the 205 which will be SORNed at the weekend until I save up a bit, but realised this week that I need to do something, so I bought some tyres from black circles.  They were a bit pricier, but could be fitted and balanced locally* before setting off.


Except they can't.


Nowhere round here can balance wheels without centre holes.  The place which fitted them just said they're probably alright, they wouldn't bother since I've put good tyres on (uniroyals).  But they've also left the weights on from the previous cheap Cooper tyres.  Black circles have said to get them balanced and then invoice them, which is fair enough I suppose.


I did eventually find a place who have the kit, but they want half a day to do it because it's a faff.  And it's £20 a corner.  I might see if I can just do it when I get back and get another pair on when I do it.


Question for now though - do I leave the weights on? Presumably they're to compensate for shit tyres, rather than a bent wheel? Or see how it feels after a few hours on the motorway, and if they're bad, pop them off?

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406 did 2540 miles to Toulon and back ne bother, so obviously now it's tentatively for sale.  I'll probably sort it a test in the next few weeks once I'm out of quarantine.IMG_20200901_110026.thumb.jpg.bc211b4a40b3939d3eb3985d30f104fb.jpg

Here it is next to the Brother in Law's Twingo.

I suppose now it's had new tyres on the back and discs and pads on the front, as well as sorting the ABS and putting a manual override in place of the fuel cap sensor, I'd quite like £650.  This might be unreasonable, but we'll see.  I quite like it, but Mrs L1 says it's too big and I already have a 206 GTI and a new 205 to play with, and the family currently fit in both of these..







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Meanwhile, a mini project arrived.

This 107 has been hanging around near @Jimbob McGregor's garage after he assisted with a recovery, but I understand it had been replaced and was still sitting broken in a public car park.  An offer was made, and shenanigans began.  Jimbob kicked off by replacing a coil pack, and now it works.  The battery is worse for wear after sitting around for so long, and it needs a water pump, which is still sitting in the garage so it's very noisy when it runs.


Probably the biggest issue for a potential buyer other than it being broken and loud, is that it was slightly rancid inside.  It'd been left under a tree, with food containers etc. in, and a window open a crack.  All the drain holes were full of leaf mulch, so the car was slightly damp and fragrant.

I offered to improve it slightly to try and offset some of the hard work that's been done on my 206.  So just before we went to France, it turned up in the garden.



There it sat until this week, so I got cracking.  Not many before photos, sorry..








I've picked out two bin bags of litter


Washed out and drained a few litres of mouldy water from the wheel well


Pulled out a couple of dents


Reattached a broken bumper


Vaxxed and scrubbed every inch of the inside



And sorted some of the less deep scratches (and the headlights) with some G3.




Oh, and fitted @Spottedlaurel's Camry battery which was in the LS400 when the alternator died.  It nearly fits, too!


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  • loserone changed the title to L1's pug shenanigans - ANOTHER LION FOLLOWED ME HOME

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