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L1's fleet - Leaf+legacy, pug shenanigans

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Fleet update.


205: pissed MOT and went to join @davehedgehog31 in the land of many Volvos until its new keeper shows herself.

305: just did a 300+mile trip to Chodmondely and back over the weekend, with the whole family.  It's an ace steer over country lanes, and can cruise at 77 on the motorways.  Still has an issue with cutting out whenever you pull up to stop / pause.  Consensus is that it's the tank strainer.  Would have looked it it tonight but the wind blew two windows out of the garage whilst we were away so I've been reglazing them.

306: Exhaust squeaking is beginning to get on my tits, but it's otherwise running well, getting 40+ mpg and taking me to work with the roof down.  Radiator fan was a relay, thermostat seems to open a bit early but might just be an inaccurate temp guage.

405 estate: no progress.

LEAF: Some fucker turned right from a left turn lane on a roundabout and it's scraped to fuck.  Excess paid, it's almost certainly going knock for knock as Mrs L1 should really have not turned off the roundabout when the other lane wasn't clear, despite the clear lane markings.  Getting picked up by a body shop on Wednesday.

Legacy: stereo fixed.  Up for sale. Going to wash and hoover it and get it on eBay this week hopefully, Mrs L1 has just brimmed it so it would surely sell immediately.

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The mirror adjuster knob on the 306 was snapped off, so I bought a used one on eBay which arrived Friday.  Was told under no uncertain terms was I permitted to work on the car before going out today, so got my oldest to smuggle the switch into the car.  Then proceeded to change it whilst waiting near the cash machine.  As a bonus the front windows are now faster. Woo!


Family definitely enjoying roof down fun, but aware I need an economical estate car that can be dailied by Mrs L1.

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8 minutes ago, loserone said:

Not sure what you mean.  I started the thread in the modern section as it was for the LEAF.  It now has other older stuff in, so has been shuffled to the main forum.   


4 minutes ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

Lll I'm confused

I think the top one explains the bottom one. 

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