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Dollywobbler's Invacar - Roadtrip 2!

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It is horribly early. It is dark outside. I had no idea which T-shirt I'd put on this morning. Thankfully, it is actually one of mine.

Stage one of this lengthy caper involves taking the Lexus to The Midlands for a cambelt change. Then, it's on to Sussex tonight, before The Big Reveal tomorrow morning. Oh I think you're going to like this one folks! Easily my most ridiculous caper yet.

The subject matter has been standing in a field for years, so there will not be a 'drive home' element to this. Plan is just to move said subject matter to a safe location, though my eventual dream is indeed to drive it back to Wales.

Right. I'd better get started! Dudley here we come.

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When most people buy a car it involves walking into a dealers, drinking awful coffee from a plastic cup, signing some awful forms from a plastic salesman and getting a bunch of flowers on the passenger's seat.


The Autoshite way is utterly superior in every way, except that the car doesn't usually go.  A trifling matter when you consider the upsides.  Good luck!

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Nah, I reckon he's gone all Cavcraft on us and it'll be a rancid Ford Fiesta that's been languishing in the corner of a stable yard, with an interior that requires use of a hazmat suit.



Whatever it is, chodspeed you magnificent lunatic.

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Oh, this should be good.  Languishing in a field for years, previous mention of a Transit beavertail, got to be a car...you're not getting your old CX back that's popped up on eBay are you?  

Wrong direction, that CX is in Scotland and DW is going to Sussex.

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I can't imagine what could both have survived sitting in a Sussexian field for goodness knows how long and have DW excited enough that he won't share what it is until he's collected it.  He doesn't like rust so surely it's not some old Datsun or obscure thing from Mitsubishi or the like.  I'm actually completely out of ideas on this one.  Not helped by the current Wobbler Fleet which consists of a pre-war designed Citroen, a diminutive anachronisitic Malaysian, a boxy Japanese city van and a gigantonormous luxobarge which pretty much covers all bases.


I tell a lie, I can image what might get him all frothy:  Citroen Ami.  But you wouldn't want to take one of those on that had been sat in a field forever.

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    • By Peter C
      Woke up this morning, had a little time before I had to leave the house for work, had a quick look at what’s new for sale on Retro Rides and saw an ad for a W124 200E manual, located 15 miles from home. I had no intention of buying a car today but I had to have it! I called the seller and arranged a viewing.
      2 x rusty front wings (TADTS)
      1 x rusty rear arch
      Needs a polish
      Tracking is out because new track rod end was fitted for MoT
      Engine has oil leak/s
      Good points:
      It’s a W124 200E!
      5 speed manual transmission
      New clutch
      Brand new MoT
      Superb MoT history
      4 x as new Continental tyres
      Last owner for 15 years, her husband before that for 4 years
      Very tidy MB-Tex interior
      Drives well
      All electrics work
      The dealer kindly delivered the car to my house but I managed a pez station shot on route:

      Remove front wings, cut away rust and apply plenty of wob.
      In-situ similar repair for rear arch
      Clean and polish
      Service engine
      Adjust tracking
      Leave patina and enjoy the car as it is
      I will update this thread once progress is made.









      Hopefully these two will become good friends.

    • By richardthestag
      Been a busy 6 months on my old Range Rover that I own 50/50 with Fathathastag
      Bit of background first..
      We bought it March 2015 just as genuine early Range Rovers were starting to get noticed. Alas not early enough that we could have got it for a couple of hundred quid. 
      The car had been owned for decades by a Land Rover enthusiast and this particular car retained a lot of features unique to pre 1973 Range Rovers. Sadly he died a few years back and the car was left outside the front of his house. 
      I spotted it on eBay and arranged with the owners widow to view. There were no bids and my offer was good enough to take the auction off.
      The engine had been part way through a top end strip down when work stopped, I had no idea even if the car would move. But rented a trailer and relocated it from Watford to North Devon where fathathastag has a barn suitable for storage.


      The project is on the right, we towed it into the field and pushed it into the barn

      In May 2015 I got to do an assessment of the car. body wise most outer panels were ok, the inner wings looked ok, it clearly needed some work but was unsure how much at this point. main objective was to see if the engine was a runner.




      Found that the gearbox and axles were original to the car, but the engine was from an earlyish SD1
      while the seat covers are not original some of the plastic kitkat seat coverings are underneath, the rear seat especially




      The head has some nasty corrosion very near the fire ring seal, 

      When I refitted the head one of the bolts tore the thread out. bastard but not entirely uncommon with the alloy blocked RV8

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      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
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