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Dollywobbler's Invacar - Ongoing


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Even by my standards, I'm having to bodge now. I said I'd get this thing MOTd in March. It now is March. I've got one broken doorhandle, and one ripped out. 


First off, I removed the doors and hoped for better access to the rear of the handle area. Denied. So, I removed the broken handle, and replaced it with a 2CV one.



Those cobalt drill bits made light work of removing the retaining screws. The 2CV handle is held in place by an old battery terminal cover that I chopped the end off. More challenging on the other door, as there's a great big hole in the middle of it. Will see what I can come up with...

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Pretty sure it's more that it's an ancient switch design than actually being upside down. Looking at the one I have here right now, the text printed next to the terminals is the right way up with the wiper switch as it's in the dash there.


Likewise the one in my dash. Cheap parts bin raiding in action I reckon!


Quite lucky to have a decent length of driveway to do that testing on there, DW! Reckon first time mine will see anything north of 1mph for s few metres will be on the way to its MOT.


I miss living in the back of beyond...made test runs so much easier!

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What's with the hole in the dash underneath the courtesy light?


I have absolutely no idea.


Bit more progress this afternoon. Managed to free off the seatbelt buckle. It was stuck in the upright position, which stopped the seat from sliding sideways, and also made it very difficult to operate the button.



I fitted the seatbelt, fitted the sill strip on the passenger side and ripped the door seal off - I have a brand new one to fit. Any recommendations for bonding rubber to plastic? Would like to retain the possibility of it actually coming off again if required in future. Apologies for no further pics.


I also removed the knackered fusebox and dropped it and the fuses themselves into a pot of cola. Last chance for those really. If it all starts working again, great! If not, in-line fuse holders it is then.


Then I set about trying to sort out the number plate lamp, which doesn't work. Zel reckoned it was a wiring fault, I reckoned a duff bulb. Managed to drill out the securing bolts and I was right! Bulb filament had failed. Sadly, Zel is also right, and a new bulb still results in no light. Ugh.



It's a horrible design. A right faff to remove and dismantle. I've so far confirmed that I'm getting 12v, so it must be the earth that's struggling. Tempted to just make up my own.

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I wonder how many hours you've put in on the project now DW?


Many! Oh so many. Really getting into it though. But, I said it'd be on the road in March, and time is ticking away. Stuff I know I need to sort for that.


1) Fuses (one way or another)

2) Number plate light

3) Battery security (currently held in with a bungee, not ideal).

4) Offside door handle. 

5) Refit doors, after refitting door seals. (seals are on the body).

6) Front cover latch (seized, borked, need a replacement. Currently tied shut with a pretty bow, but needs to be openable to allow access to fuel cap).

7) Fit new front tyre (still on the ancient rubber).


Doesn't look a bad list does it? No idea how I'm going to solve the front cover lock issue. I'm sure I'll think of something.

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I'm pretty sure I have a spare battery retaining bracket...will try to confirm tomorrow.


The feed for the number plate lamp should be paired to the connection to the tail light bulb to the offside lamp cluster I believe. Sadly I've no idea where it should be grounded as it's totally missing on my car!


My plan will be sticking a ring terminal under one of the ignition coil retaining bolts to provide the ground when I wore it back in.

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Not a wiring fault!



I packed some copper wire in, as I was planning to run an earth straight from the side of the bulb to the chassis. No need though, as that bit of extra wire ensured a good connection in the bulb holder. Sorted!


Not sure how to reattach the metal cover yet. Using 3mm bolts and nuts seems a really crap idea. They'll just rust in no time at all. And I don't have any.

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re. the wiper switch, might I suggest that you relocate the complete wiper mechanism to the top of the screen to avoid mucking about with the switch?


Alternatively, and a lot less constructive - approach corner at warp speed, roll said vehicle as all* 3 wheelers tend to do and voila! Switch insignia correct way up....... (obviously tongue in cheek and never want a bad thing to happen to you or said vehicle DW).

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