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Eight Fifty, five tenners.

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Alroighty then. None of that bus or train shenanigans, this is Jersey, nowheres too far to cycle to. Sorry guys and girls, you don't even get a pez station shot.




Looks ok that doesn't it?


Let's have a look at the other side





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So the script with this car is, I saw it advertised Spears Or Reapers, thought it would yield some bits for my father's 8 Fiddy which is the same colour, and TXTD the seller for more info.


Response was, car is parked up at the house I'm renovating, go have a look and if you want it, decide how much you think it's worth then leave that amount of money under the doormat.


Asking price was fifty quid by the way. I knocked 20℅ off that due to one of the tyres being borked. Whole transaction completed without having met the owner once!


I've not given it a proper once-over yet so no decision as to its future for the time being, does drive remarkably well given the state of it though. Upd8 2mrw*

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This old crate then. Had a quick butchers, in between the weather.




That is some fearsome Lacquer Peel right there. I have no idea WTF is going on, its like someone's used the bonnet as a workbench/sanding platform/painting zone.




Low mileage madness, though obviously the odometer is knacked, I might try out that OBD trick that's supposed to tell you the approx true value thru the computer.










General grimness.










More mank, this thing has literally been used as a driveable skip. Something weird happening with those lamp clusters.








^^^ better do summert about that I suppose.


To wash or not to wash?

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 Hi, A note of sanity?  I'm not sure it's worth putting any more money into because with the distance and speed restrictions it has operated under the engine is unlikely to have much of a future.  It must have rings like razor blades.  Just use as is  it until it goes pop.



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That's an interesting point, I have it in my mind that with the Continent only a 20 mile ferry trip to the south the car has probably done plenty of miles as a fast and discreet cheese/wine smuggling device, though I have no way of knowing precisely what any of the previous owners actually used it for.

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I decided to give the 850 an ultra quick wash in order to make it look a little less disgusting/abandoned:




Which inevitably revealed a few "issues" that the years of dirt were distracting from




A crease on the rear wing that side too.  God alone knows why the front air intake is full of chippings:




But at least we still have the original and long-defunct supplying dealer's window sticker.




This bit seems to be the best part.  I did swap out the battery for an older spare I had which I fully charged.




Pleasingly I also found a second spare alloy under the boot floor, inexplicably failed to get a photo of that though.


I gotta say, Autoshite.com, I genuinely cannot make my mind up what to do with this old Volvo.  It starts, runs, drives, stops absolutely fine (though a brief look at the rear brakes suggests that they want renewed, but that's no big fat expensive deal).  It's two years older than my dad's car and has two fewer driven wheels, so it makes sense to rob mirrors, wing, wheels/tyres, indicators etc off this one and try to get shot of the rest.  most of the interior trim does look "tired" so I doubt there'll be much of use there, though the front seats look remarkably ok under the crappy covers that are on it.  But it seems fundamentally a sound, potentially usable car so I think it would be a shame to let it die.


Therefore I could cut a sheet of Perspex to use as a door window, matt-black the bonnet, run a Dyson over the insides, and sell as is?


Or option 3. Roffle at 85p a ticket? Winner* to pay for own plane ticket over here and ferry back to the south of England.  So a bargainous £200 or so epic collection/Channel Islands vacation.  I'm sure dozens of you lot would be mad up for that.

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