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Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.


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3 hours ago, Heidel_Kakao said:

Sadly I just got a call and I have been gazumped 😞So someone else will be getting Agnetha. I hope they treat her well and maybe she will be back for sale again soon, that's happened to me a lot 😀 SC100, IS200 etc, all sold, thought I had missed out and then back up for sale a few weeks later and I snapped them up!

Shame. I was hoping you’d work up to a full ABBA! Any others on the cards?

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9 hours ago, volvov70 said:

Think you need help fella


How so chap? You offering to come repair Cedric for me? I would rather let the insurance sort it no offence.


If it isn't too much effort do you mind keeping your comments in their appropriate threads? I do have separate threads for a reason, it's not just for shits and giggles.

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Biggles is 924 😀


Stalwart Mk 2 REME fitters' vehicle, based on the Mk 2 Stalwart. Two extra rear-mounted seats were added to the main cargo area for a four-man crew. An Atlas 3001 hydraulic crane capable of lifting three tons was added to the cargo area. This differed from that of the FV623 variant by having hydraulic anti-creep check valves fitted.[14] This modified crane was more stable (and safer) for lifting and holding engine, transmission, and other heavy equipment whilst manoeuvring them into position.
When swimming on deep water when fording operations are expected, i.e. the vehicle will be subjected to full floatation, it is important that the maximum load be restricted to 3 tons 10 cwt. (3556 kg). A total of 60 Mk 2 Stalwart fitters' vehicles were produced.[15]"

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Non-contemporary Alvis Stalwart content on the Channel Island Chod thread:



Also, this chap is currently Jersey Minister for Infrastructure:



The vehicle(s) here may have belonged to or still do belong to the gentleman here.

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I was at Tank's a Lot yesterday and started by visiting the breakers.





Then had a nosy at this one which has an 80mph speedometer and a K60 engine.

20210708_105535.thumb.jpg.ae0551eb9bbfc0c446cb50831df71be5.jpgThe Range Rover's are ganging up on Biggles lol 


Had my deck with me, I think you could build a decent half pipe in the cargo area of a Stolly..... Skateboarding at sea anyone?


Started an undercoat on the crane, I had to start somewhere lol. I just phoned Atlas to see what the parts availability is like for a 50 year old crane out of curiosity, I do love it when the same company is still in business five decades later!

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I am not able to meet my commitment of paying for Biggles by the end of the week so I am being charged storage fees 😞




















Of £1 per day 🤣How will I afford it haha? Nick is a great guy, honestly if you want any military vehicle I can recommend Tank's a Lot as the man is a delight to do business with.


Have a random Stolly picture :)

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On 7/16/2021 at 12:02 PM, Heidel_Kakao said:


How badly will it fail..... Place your bets now 😀

Did it fail that badly you refuse to acknowledge it's existence?

Is that the garage with the old boys who said they ran the Krays out of Brum?

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