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HMC new - Bentley for sale £see ad


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Chromeline in the E65 is mainly the trim around the windows and painted trim on the bumpers. Everything else is typical council housing styling attempts. I'm surprised I'm not seeing a m-badge glued on somewhere. I'd revert all of that asap to get back to the original look that's a little more classy.

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  • HMC changed the title to HMC new - Bentley for sale £see ad
On 9/21/2022 at 9:21 AM, Schaefft said:

I like the E65... Bangle thought that bmw was at risk of becoming too evolutionary with it's design, and therefore blending in too much, offering little new, something that very much was the case for the next generation F01 7-Series where BMW clearly played things extra safe.

The post-modernist approach of the E65 might be divisive, but it was unmistakable and bang on in trend at the time (almost the entire lineup of Renault and Nissan adapted the idea, plus countless more cars), and happened to sell brilliantly. I still consider a pre-facelift 745i once in a while, and then remember why I don't want to expose myself to the reliability nightmare of this generation bmw V8...

I concur exactly. Post E65, the 7 Series went back to something closer to the massing and detailing of the glorious E38, but in a manner that ended up dull as dishwater. The E65's slightly Landcrabby shape did make for a spacious machine, too. Proportionally, the E65 is to the E39 as the Rolls Royce Phantom is to the Seraph, and I don't think that's a coincidence. It's terrific inside, too. The column shift, the seat controls on the raised centre armrest, the LCD / Analogue dials, the storage drawers in the centre stack and the pop-out phone keypad worked really well. An awful lot of thought went into it, and its influence on the W221 S Class is clear.

I'm exceedingly jealous of HMC for having this, but my envy is tempered a little by it being a facelift car. I actually prefer the braver looks of the original.

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On 20/09/2022 at 14:41, HMC said:

So with the mulsanne turbo in disgrace I was down to the tt as the only car. Actually it was brilliant but it was not great even for kids in the back. I’m on a self enforced 2 car limit. In the end I used this as an excuse to replace it with a way more “practical” daily. I breifly considered a Maserati qp but a cheap one of those is probably a stylish way to get very poor. Plus there seem to be no specialists for those anywhere remotely near to me.

In the end I decided rather than a cheap ish, expensive, pretty car, get a cheap, ugly one instead. Ugly and sinister looking in black with dents. I’m not sure what the design team were into in the late 90s but it must have been good.

E65 730d







That's the cheapest way to get 90% of the comfort of Rolls-Royce Ghost whilst keeping 100% of the running costs.

Well done that man.

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How many banger racers have replied to the Ad? In fairness it’s probably the best outcome if the problems are much to go by, the good bits keep another on the road and race the shell, unfortunately when things like this hit the bottom of the curve it’s the frequent outcome when presented with a series of big bills. 

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2 hours ago, gadgetgricey said:

Really sorry to hear this Matt. Hope you get most if not all of your money back.
Kudos on being the better seller so next person goes into Bentley ownership with eyes open.

Very much this. I did read the ad and debated having a look, but ultimately suspension/brake issues are the off-putting bit for me. The bodywork I could live with and just smoke around in it for a while, the other fluid leaks I could deal with as and when. 

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