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HMC new - Bentley for sale £see ad


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The cam timing on the smog-era engines causes them to be some of the loudest exhausts I have heard.

Get some big "turbo" style mufflers, that'll bring the WHAK WHAK WHAK WHAK WHIPPAWHOPPAWHOPPA-BAAAAAAABAAABAAABAAA down into the bass notes.

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I figured out why the speedometer isn’t working, or at least one reason. The truck had cruise control from the factory and this means it’s got 2 Speedo cable runs. The lower cable is disconnected and  a bit mangled. As the cruise is partly dismantled and the indicator stalk has even been swapped for a non cruise item at some point, im just going to simplify it by binning the redundant bits and having once cable straight into the gearbox.

I also took the dash apart to clean up the uv degraded  clock plastics. 


I Found some bits of paper under the bench seat and one former keeper keeper was a suitably American sounding Chase Hanks. There was a card for a hairdressers in a town called seaside, In the Monterey Bay Area of California. Sort of between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Later on I went for another spin.  


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  • HMC changed the title to HMC new - brown Merc Coupe

I also got hold of a roll back vinyl cover for the truck bed. Its not lockable, it’s just about keeping the good old Dartmoor weather out of the back. 

The company hq is in South Dakota, with a very USA name…


Yes the company is called truXedo. A tuxedo for your pickup? 

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40 minutes ago, SiC said:

That truck is incredibly cool. Is it a thirsty, thirsty beast? Or does fuel crisis era tuning have helped keep things remotely sensible?

I’m not sure. It converts fuel into noise in a highly efficient way what with the (farmer) importers nascar tastes. I’m assuming thirsty beast but apparently the 305ci plus quadrajet carb can be ok ish on fuel, relatively speaking 🤪

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I was still having problems with the pickup stalling, particularly on the overrun, with a bit of clever footwork needed to prevent loss of braking and steering on descents.

In the end replacing more vacuum line and using larger bolts to seal redundant vacuum tubes has done the trick. Also now the gearbox has a proper vacuum supply it shifts up nicely on a light throttle. This definitely helps the nascar soundtrack as around town it’s relatively discrete and not deafening. 

I’m finding it amusing that whilst some drivers pick a noisy exhaust and then let everyone know about it, I didn’t choose the exhaust system on the truck and I’m tip toeing around with it. It actually is quite a cruisy sort of vehicle anyway and suits a laid back approach; and anything that avoids kickdown stops Detroit iron heaven/hell being unleashed.

I celebrated by going for a pizza




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 Ohhh, Nutria brown! As you say, a VERY rare colour. It was only available on the 190 for one year, in 1993 and known examples were reckoned to be barely into double  figures. I managed to own two...



I think the colour was even rarer on the 124 series, a Nutria coupe must be almost unique, I love it! Looks clean as a whistle too.

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4 hours ago, loserone said:


Probably not her. Asheville and the Appalachians are in North Carolina on the opposite side of the country.

Chase is a woman's name, though. 


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Been using the pickup and marvelling at how  Un rotten it is. Minimal rustproofing and paint , and in quite a few places no seam sealer even. 

45 Californian years have helped a lot. The British climate is a force to be reckoned with and would soon start dissolving the body.


I cleaned up things with a wire brush and as it is all so clean I decided to take inspiration from the underbody prep that @TripleRich did on his Granada. After wire brushing and panel wiping I painted some por 15 over the panels. Where there is no seam sealer I will apply some tiger seal with a scotchbrite pad and then after preparing the surface use some upol gravitex stone guard and pump the box sections with wax.



I’m doing it in sections, Its a slow steady process but it’s very therapeutic!

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  • HMC changed the title to HMC new - Bentley for sale £see ad

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