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HMC motors- Jag s type R


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On 12/4/2021 at 8:41 PM, HMC said:

It’s the 2.8 and fwd rather than 4wd. With 193bhp it’s nowhere near as rapid as the v8 Quattros but it’s not particularly slow.

Probably less of a maintenance headache than a Quattro too?

Even though at this age and size I'd thought it would be a proper Quattro rather than the Haldex lark.

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There was an element of risk with this supercharged s type as it was - for one of these- cheap. And had limited service history. Nevertheless, I failed to be put off and it’s now my daily. I don’t cover big miles so the fuel economy isn’t really an issue. These Devon B roads are fun despite or perhaps because of the limited grip that’s available at times if too Much of the 400bhp is released at once. Still if I should need assistance, I do have a Motorola car phone to summon it from.





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Well the jag continues to be low key and amusing, and the rover p4 remains with a local garage being tended to between jobs. What a heap of shit. Hopefully it will repay me by being a nice little runabout once it stops and goes properly.

Meanwhile the minor found a new home for a healthy profit. I’ll take that as it can help pay for the p4 rehab bill.


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