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HMC- Big benz fixed with loss of blood


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Outstanding purchase!


I do think these are ruggedly handsome beasts. Like the Skoda Estelle, the styling was very dated by the time this one was new when the Wall came down but that’s not to say it wasn’t fine when new.


Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it. I trust its arrival on a trailer is just for convenience and doesn’t betoken some ailment beneath that elegant green surface?


Oh, and MOAR PICS. Pls.

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Alright folks, got a bit of a shiters' dilemma here got 2 purchase options.


I can only buy one


Skoda favorit- I like them, it's cheaper, it fits as a comrade to the Wartburg. (Good or bad depending on viewpoint)


V8 LDV high top -love it, essentially pointless but I like the idea of rescuing it, bit more expensive, but nearly extinct.


Unsure - please discuss

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The LDV Convoy is easily the worst handling bag of shite I've ever had the misfortune of piloting. I had to drive a hi-top minibus version for work; it was only about two years old and it felt like the steering wheel was connected to the rack with a thin perished rubber band, resulting in massive understeer and much frantic twirling at every bend just to get it round, and then the same again to get it back in a straight line again. No such bother with the Transit smiley or Bedford Midi in the fleet. With a bloody V8 fitted, I imagine it'd be verging on lethal. If the steering doesn't kill you, the fuel costs will likely see you having to sell your socks on a street corner to avoid utter destitution...




...get it bought, obviously.

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Well there's your problem! An LDV 400/Convoy has nowt to do with these new-fangled steering racks.


Semaphore signals, is that how it works? Or a telegram to the front wheels?


Thankfully I left the job before anyone ended up in a ditch, and have never gone near one again. Needed to be thrashed to within an inch of its life before shifting up, too. 

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Got to be the LDV. 


Had a brand new J reg one as a minibus in work. Diesel-slow as hell and the gearchange was awfull. Lots of the women staff couldn't drive it due to the gearbox. It was 2 weeks old when Tim the Geology teacher got it jammed in a multi storey in Penarth. The old CF fitted-but this one was a lot higher-roof was as flat as a pancake-how we all laughed!!


A V8 auto would be fantastic-No gear changing problems and a lot faster than the non-turbo diesel.


I wouldn't give the Skoda a second thought.



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Thanks to all for your input. In the end the lure of a beaten, ex met police surveillance Van was hard to resist. I did a bit of head scratching, shuffled the fleet a bit and decided to go with the shite, which is a new mantra I have just invented to justify slightly unhinged actions.


A reminder from Hertz spotted thread. He must also take a bow as the facilitator of THIS















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  • HMC changed the title to HMC- Big benz fixed with loss of blood

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