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HMC- Big benz fixed with loss of blood


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40 minutes ago, N19 said:

Yeah, think Premium is lowest spec. 

My 1.8GS is a lovely car. It may be uneconomical on fuel, slightly battered, and with various quirks (read - things not working) but it's reliable and nippy 



I was thinking of you earlier as I was eyeing up a mondeo ghia estatemk11 and realised we would end up with very similar fleets 😂

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10 hours ago, MantaGTE85 said:

Very likely a 4-speed with no passenger door mirror either. Back in about 1993, my next-door-but-one neighbour's missus treated herself to a white Sunny LS 4dr saloon (H650LTX) which had all the mega-decadence of central locking, pop-up 'roof, 4 'lectric windaz and digital clock, but it came without a nearside door mirror, nor did it have a rev-counter, and it was also a 4-speed 1.3, which I thought was very strange at the time. To be fair, it replaced an already-totally-rusted-to-bits 1984 tissue-box-dashboard Metro City (B612YUH), so I couldn't blame her for thinking the Sunny was a solid, well-engineered piece of kit. 

nay it has 5 speeds and 2 upside down dangle mirrors

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4 hours ago, HMC said:

I’ve done a buy, it’s arriving tomorrow.


Was spotted some while ago by @quicksilver by the looks of it….



Excellent! I did see it was up for sale recently so it's great to know it didn't get raced and has joined the AS fold.

This one I spotted back in 2011 wasn't so lucky. No tax or MOT since 2013 so I fear it met an oval-shaped end :(

B504 ENV - 1984 Nissan 300C V-30E SGL



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My Dad had a Bluebird. It replaced his Volvo 240. 1.8 automatic with all the toys, power steering, windows and sunroof. Went pretty well. They normally ended up as minicabs doing intergalactic mileages, particularly the diesels. Very reliable and great as A Car. All of the Nissans at that time seem to have more toys than the European offerings.

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Marvellous news! Look forward to seeing more about it.

I used to run them 20-odd years ago as my daily drivers, first a black estate, then a couple of white saloons in succession. I found they have a real sense of occasion to driving them, with quite a high seating position. Steering not especially precise, but it does its job. The most amusing part is the square-rigged styling combined with the smooth, injected V6 making it surprisingly brisk. They can rust, though not too badly, and as they were never very common and not too many parts are shared with other models then spares can be an issue. Even 20 years ago I had to put a full stainless exhaust system on one as it was easier and cheaper than getting a standard mild steel one. There is also a component in the steering (idler arm?) which can be an issue.

I have a Nissan workshop manual to lend out if you need to go beyond basic servicing.

Good luck!

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  • HMC changed the title to HMC- Big benz fixed with loss of blood

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