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I think I've bagged one of my dream tanks......


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Vendor of one of my all time favourite 'must haves' just rang me back after a week of waiting thinking I'd missed the boat. It's a tank, one of the residents on this very site finally nabbed one recently, although I may have hit the V8 manual jackpot!

Face it - I'm a shiter - so if it's not needing to be swept up to move it I'm buying the fekker!

Wanted to go tonight but it's a fair distance away and I'm still in the office.........


Anyone interested or wanting to guess.... knock yourselves out.

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A good 928 is a stunning piece of engineering that is utterly amazing and one of the best cars ever made. Mine wasn't a good one but was still amazing, none of the electrics worked properly but you didn't care as soon as you booted it. In auto form it was the fastest go kart on the planet. A shit one is a world of pain, but that is the same with any car.


I paid £2k for mine, that would buy one wheel now I think with prices how they are.

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So it was too easy.........  almost immediately - SD1 is correct.


I looked at an LTD 2 weeks ago and it was a true heap in every sense of the word - although the windows were closed when I viewed it, they obviously hadn't been when it was laid up in the nearby hedge!!!

Daimler V8 slipped through my fingers a couple of years back, ex's dad had one, had just paid over 10K!!! for total engine and box overhaul..... drove like a dream. He wanted shot (wife actually, a REAL dragon) and asked €5000 - Yup - you read that right - €5K...... I screamed yes over the phone and arranged to go get it that weekend (they are in Germany but it was a UK export). Wife decided that was too long and promptly sold it to another guy who came to look at it for €3500!!!!! I literally cried when I got there and it was gone, then got told the price she'd let it go for....... never ever forgave her for that (bitch).


I'm hoping to get this one for a bag o sand........ or less if I can wangle it. Linky to the ad below........ guy sounds fairly decent and went through a load of things already before I even asked to view.



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Why is there a picture of what appears to be a melted dog shit?


Also Dutch is the best language.




De wagen is voor opmaak benzinetank en pomp is defeckt je kan de wagen horen draaien met startpiloot de moter draait weg wegens andere wagen voor de rest in goede staat en onderaan is de wagen Zeergoed meer info 0494 711812 prijs 1250euro
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    • By RichardK
      I haven't bought it, I traded it for some stuff and I'm not entirely sure I want it, but I'm definitely curious...
      It's green.
      It was made in Britain in 2004.
      It's got 12 months MoT.
      It does about 25mpg as far as I can tell.
      It has four doors.
      It has leather seats.
      It's got a CD player.
    • By 0ldCh0d
      I know I have not posted on here for a long time, but I thought that I would share my new daily wheels...
      it’s a 2003, 53 (Facelift) S500 L (long wheel base)
      just ticked over to 180,364 miles (I got it at 179,220 miles) 
      What a car, it is NOT greedy on fuel despite everyone telling me before I got it that it would be, it’s not.
      5.0 V8, 306bhp 7 speed Auto.
      its seriously lovely, riding on the airmatic suspension.
      barely above idle speed at 80mph & for it’s size, it’s seriously quick when it is needed.
      Also, the silence inside is amazing, you can barely hear any noise, it’s so silent & insulated from the outside world.
      Yes, I know that most people will tell me about the horrors of the W220 Mercedes-Benz S Class, but this is a good one, no rust or rot (early examples up until 2002 were notoriously bad for rot everywhere) the 2003 facelift model onwards were not as bad.
      & my one is not blighted with any rot.
      Here it is, after being fully valeted today.

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