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Zel's Motoring Adventures...Lada, Citroen, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 13/12 - Lada MOT Success!

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11 minutes ago, LightBulbFun said:

if push came to shove,

another Xantia activa? :) 

with the V6 shoved into it somehow?

They did exist on the continent, PSA deemed the potential market over here too small to be worth making an RHD version of it though.  To be honest, lovely though they are, the sheer number of model specific bits for the normal V6 cars which are made of unobtanium these days (much less with Activa gubbins added to the mix!) would make me very wary of buying one.

Plus in all honesty, I'm not likely to find one that's better sorted than this one.  Sure she needs a bit of work this year... but that is the price you pay for having a high performance car...at times they are going to be high maintenance.

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16 minutes ago, mat_the_cat said:

Knowing the previous owner, I suspect it's been very well looked after before your ownership too!

Indeed.  She's had a very blessed existence to be honest...and aside from routine servicing and a battery I've barely had to touch anything so far.  From memory an aux belt and crankshaft pulley where the damper fell to bits are about the extent of it.  Plus I'm not going to deny that she's not driven particularly gently.  C'mon...I live in the city of roundabouts and have a car which can pull 0.98G when cornering...it would be rude not to take advantage of those abilities when traffic permits.

Just got to that point in life where a few things go at once... it's always the way, and hopefully once this lot is done things will settle down again.  I do wonder how many cars with low values that this stage of life sees off.

The 306 Sedan I had was very much in this stage when I got it...that car was an absolute swine for the first few weeks of my ownership, but once that was out of the way she was a solid enough motor.



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I see the tax on TPA has been renewed for another year :) did you have to do it manually, or has it refreshed itself automatically?

(I know that with historic tax you still have to go through the motions its just £0.00, but im just checking in case they have changed things recently)



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You do still need to manually tax it, though even the reminder letter they send out is different (V11Z rather than V11, so the system knows it's different).  When they actually send it anyway - rather than the nasty "Warning! Untaxed vehicle!" letter I got for the Xantia a while ago because I never got the reminder.


The Lada was unceremoniously dragged out of hibernation this morning and thrown at my local garage for an MOT without so much as a lighting check.  Was expecting a list of minor stuff just due to having sat around for a month or two plus a year's use (albeit covering only a couple of thousand miles, mostly in fair weather).


Unexpected, but not going to complain!

The advisory for some underbody corrosion has been there as long as I've had the car, there's quite a bit of surface rust that could do with a scrub down and attacking with some Vactan and Dinitrol.  She's never done any winter service in my ownership and I've generally tried to avoid wet weather driving where possible, so it's never got any worse.  Has always been on the to do list, sadly has just never got to the top.

The steering idler mentioned has a nylon bush in it, and they're prone to wear - replacement inserts are less than a tenner...and I've got one in stock already.  Though it's nowhere near bad enough to worry us just now.

Having this car roadworthy again is going to make the logistics of this weekend where we need to get to a charity event with the dogs this weekend immeasurably easier.

Last year when she was in for the test I was still trying to get to the bottom of a small vacuum leak which meant the fuelling wasn't quite spot on so the emissions test was a rather mediocre pass.  Having finally sorted that leak, I was curious to see what she would show today.


Much better!

Ignore the fail on the first test.  The cat on this car is miles from the front of the car and takes an age to get up to temperature when you're standing still.

Lambda is still showing slightly high, though both me and the tester agree that that's probably entirely down to there being a couple of small leaks in the exhaust.

Last test we did with the carb in place we eventually managed to squeak through at 0.297% CO (limit is 0.300%)...so fair to say she's running quite a bit cleaner now I think.  I reckon 0.093% is a decent figure for any engine...much less one from behind the Iron Curtain fro. The early 70s essentially with what many consider to be a very crude injection system grafted onto it.  The cat is the original one from 1993 too.

Seeing those numbers makes it seem a lot more worthwhile having done the work (plus the car being way nicer to drive!).

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Hmm...what's that hiding in the van...?


Yet more ex-garage diagnostic equipment.  This time in the form of a diesel smoke opacity meter.

This control panel has a very late 80s/early 90s look to it under the grime I reckon...



These things are pretty simple, so no reason it shouldn't work.  Pulled one apart a few years ago and it was basically just a high intensity light source (halogen MR16 lamp in that case) in one side of the case and a detector at the other side plus some hardware to draw the air through.

Can't see it getting a huge amount of use - especially given the van basically doesn't smoke at all once started - but could be handy checking stuff for others and it's nice to know I've got the bases covered... slowly but surely getting my garage kitted out.

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Yay happy to see the lada managed to get through the MOT with no bother :) 

wont lie, im hopeful I may get a chance to have a shot of it (or any lada really!) on the open road now that iv had a few lessons under my belt!

50 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

it was basically just a high intensity light source (halogen MR16 lamp in that case)

im curious if it really is a boggo standard 50W MR16, or actually a specialist projection lamp?

speaking of lamps I was stalking your thread on the other forums you frequent and I noticed you got your F30T8/F30T12 tube description a bit back to fron where you said the F30T12 came first, the F30T8 is what came first and is of older design spec with 9V switch start/preheat cathodes and specs of 110V/350Ma, I know its a bit counter intuitive, as indeed most T8s indeed came after their T12 counterparts, but not in this case, as the first popular fluorescent tube to market was the F15T8 by GE put to market in 1938, and the F30T8 was literally a length doubled version of the F15T8, designed to run off 240V choke circuits where as the F15T8 was designed to run off 120V choke circuits,

and then the F30T12 was introduced in the late 1950s or early 1960s can be thought of as a Rapid start F40T12 with 1 foot lopped off the end, with 3.6V cathodes and specs of 85V/450Ma just something to be aware of for next time :)

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