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Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 19/04 - Fan Belt Adjustment Fun...

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1 minute ago, R1152 said:

And hasn't TPA progressed well from being a "spares car" - putting TWC to shame.

Wouldn't go that far!  Luck has played a huge part.  I've had a pretty smooth road mechanically so far.  Only major headache I had was the wheel stud fiasco, so far anyway.

Don't overestimate my bodywork...the photos flatter it greatly!

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10 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Wouldn't go that far!  Luck has played a huge part.  I've had a pretty smooth road mechanically so far.  Only major headache I had was the wheel stud fiasco, so far anyway.

Don't overestimate my bodywork...the photos flatter it greatly!

As I remember it though, the engine cover was in two halves and there was much breakage of the aprons, which you seem to have sorted out. The fact you're talking about taking moulds off other cars for these suggests you want to improve TPA even further. I looked at TWC the other day when DW took the 2CV's bonnet off it (😧) and the paint on TWC really does look poor.

I have to say here in AudiLexusBMW Street, I'd love one of these but they do seem to have become very fashionable, and with that, expensive.

In some ways, I wish I'd bought that battery Argson but truth is, I'm broke - nine months in the last twelve with no work and being self-employed does that to you, but at least the accounts will be a piece of piss to prepare this year.

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Out and about today.  No photos sadly as I was running late and had to just about double the route length due to me having not realised things were closed (the fact this is Good Friday had completely passed me by, as my brain still thinks it's March 374th 2020.

Glad to report that the sump plug does indeed now appear to be oil tight.


Though we definitely do have a weep from the diff on the offside, so I'll need to look into changing the driveshaft seal at some point.  It doesn't seem to be enough to show on the level, just enough to make a horrible mess.


Level has never visibly dropped between checks. But it doesn't take much to make a huge mess.  Given the state of the outside of the diff casing I'm guessing it's probably been like this for decades!

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First job for today was finally get the carb that was dropped off by @Six-cylinder FAR too long ago into the ultrasonic cleaner.


Biggest headache I'd had here was that the room it lives in is currently being used as an office for just about every waking moment, and it was sufficiently buried that it took a bit of time to excavate - so I had to wait until I had access to the room when there weren't confidential meetings in progress.

I'm actually quite surprised how disgusting that the inside of this carb doesn't look given the state of the outside, though there was *some* debris in the float chamber.


I can't get the top off the dashpot - someone has already had a good shot at rounding off the heads of the screws and I could feel the screwdriver trying to slip when I was trying to undo them, so I just decided to leave that well alone.  Peering in there with a torch it doesn't look bad.  Last thing I wanted to do was totally wreck the screws.

At least I was able to dismantle it far enough to be able to blow through everywhere relevant as well, so it should be serviceable once it's out of the cleaner.  Not actually much to one of these compared to a downdraught carb.  Still think they're a clever design.

Next job of the day was changing the oil filter on the Jag which I was unable to get off when it got an oil change a few days ago.

Quite HOW I managed to get it removed last time before buying one of these I have absolutely no idea.



The issue you have is that you only have access to the bottom few millimetres of the filter casing - for a start you can't even see it.  Secondly you're hard up against the nearside exhaust on one side, and it sits about 1/2" away from the side of the gearbox bell housing on the other so you really can't get your hand on it, and there's no room to get a strap wrench in.


Thinking the rear silencers may well go back on the Jag.  It's the front ones which probably need altered to really release the full V12 bowl - whereas the deletion of the rear ones (which are just deresonators) does sound nice at high RPM and low idle - the boominess at 1100-1500rpm can get tiresome.  Especially in 30mph zones.

Last thing I did today was to address some remedial bodywork on the rear of TPA.  I'd had issues with a crack appearing to the left of the engine cover, which was basically because I'd done an appalling job of getting the new glass fibre I had laid down to adhere to the underlying bodywork.  Hopefully I've done a better job this time.


I've also managed to get a lot smoother finish than I did last time - basically because I decided to ditch the applicator and form it by hand (wearing gloves obviously).  This was WAY easier.  I also used the excess left over to smooth over some of the horribly rough bits on the other side (this is where I started out rebuilding the rear apron so is where the fabrication was at its roughest).


Chuck a bit of paint on there after I've hit it with some sandpaper to knock off any high spots and it should look better I think.


Still rough as the North Sea in a hurricane, but better than it was.


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  • Zelandeth changed the title to Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 04/04 - General Tinkering...

Some additional fibreglass and several coats of resin applied to the back of TPA.  Bit of sanding obviously needed and it's never going to be (even close to) perfect, but should definitely be an improvement.




Did a bit of work on the Jag too.


See the difference?


Yep, rear silencers are back on.  Definitely preferable...I must be getting older!  Would prefer a bit more of an exhaust note, but for now I'll take refinement as a win.

I just had to poke this rust scab didn't I?



Guess I'll be getting the welder out soon then.

I'll probably cut out more than I really need to, as hiding the seam under the bumper will be far easier than trying to flat my welds back to the point they're invisible!  Plus this colour will be a pig to match.


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  • Zelandeth changed the title to Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 05/04 - Further General Tinkering...
1 hour ago, LightBulbFun said:

dont worry there will always be far worse Model 70 rear ends out there!


At least yours is Made of fibreglass and is blue!

What's going on there?

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1 hour ago, R1152 said:

Any particular reason you have those engine cover catches on TPA rather than the traditional keyed one?

The original lock mechanism is a solid block of rust and all the fasteners holding it in are hopelessly rounded off/corroded in place.

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5 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

The original lock mechanism is a solid block of rust and all the fasteners holding it in are hopelessly rounded off/corroded in place.

Yes, I can see how that might be a problem.

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Did a bit of sanding back today...and after about half an hour remembered precisely how little patience I have for that sort of thing and how much my back (which I'd already hacked off during the tip run earlier) hates it.

So quickly got to a stage of "Sod it, that's good enough, throw some paint on it."


Which I didn't realise quite how much had actually improved things until I looked at a couple of older photos.  Particularly under the offside tail light.


It'll do for now!  Car has been in the garage without moving for long enough now.  Plus I'm still planning somewhere down the line to A: Hopefully get some actual moulds made for the rear apron and B: Chuck it at a body shop to have a few things sorted out more professionally.  So I'm not spending too long on this - dealing with the crack I'd had issues with on the nearside and keeping the car presentable from 30 paces is good enough for me.


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38 minutes ago, dollywobbler said:

Good stuff.

TWC is well overdue some bodywork. 2021 will be her year, because it's her 50th next year! I don't want her looking immaculate, but I do want her crack free and with a decent covering of paint.

Some of us will be holding you to that, Mr. S... 🙂

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1 hour ago, dollywobbler said:

Good stuff.

TWC is well overdue some bodywork. 2021 will be her year, because it's her 50th next year! I don't want her looking immaculate, but I do want her crack free and with a decent covering of paint.

as long as you get the correct shade of paint please!

TPA is just the wrong shade of blue enough to bug the ever loving crap out of me LOL

(its like she is a bit too blue and not got quite enough green in her if that makes sense? LOL)

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I really do forget when driving TPA quite how old a car she is sometimes - she really doesn't feel it in a lot of ways! 

Will need to think of something worthy of TPA's 50th in a couple of years.  Maybe 2023 will be when I finally do the round Britain Invacar visiting tour...Would be a good way to mark it I'd think.

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7 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

I really do forget when driving TPA quite how old a car she is sometimes - she really doesn't feel it in a lot of ways! 

Will need to think of something worthy of TPA's 50th in a couple of years.  Maybe 2023 will be when I finally do the round Britain Invacar visiting tour...Would be a good way to mark it I'd think.

Hope Ive got a Model 70 and its on the road by then. I could join you! How about a Round Britain Convoy for Model 70s? 

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2 hours ago, Mrs6C said:

We have a paper pattern already!

It's probably more accurate in terms of shape than my bodywork repairs!

-- -- --

Nothing to report today.  Have been fighting off a headache that's been threatening to turn into a migraine so have been taking it easy.

While I haven't been able to track down my stash of tax disc holders yet, I knew where the one which came with the Jag was so have put the replica disc in there now.


I'll likely revisit this once I've figured out a bit better replica for the stamp.  Yes, realised right as I clicked print that it would have still been the DVLC back in 85, but it looks the part and that's the whole idea!


Really need to adjust the wipers again...they were just thrown back on when I had the motor apart and are parked way too far up the windscreen.  Oh, and wash the poor thing.

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40 mile round trip done in TPA today (Dunstable and back), and spent the vast majority of it being held up by other traffic.  The woman in the Fiesta who kept slowing down to 30 while looking at her phone then accelerating back to 70, then repeating roughly every 60 seconds got old in a hurry.  Was bloody glad to get past her once we got to a dual carriageway.

She actually needs a wash now as the heavens opened halfway back.


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Still working through the web page for TPA.  We've made it to the installation of the fuel tank now...so early February 2019 I think!


In other news, filled the Jag up again today.  Everyone knows a V12 Jag is thirsty and that the MPG is laughable.  However I don't think an MPG number actually means much to most people.  So here it is in a more recognisable way.

Last fuel up: £87.70.

That got me: 129.8 miles.

So call it about £100 for every 150 miles!

She be a thirsty old girl.  Do I care?  Nope.

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Just now, Zelandeth said:

Still working through the web page for TPA.  We've made it to the installation of the fuel tank now...so early February 2019 I think!

funny you should mention that part of TPA's story as I was just reading it on the french car forum, its always fun reading how various people from various parts of the internet react to Invacars and the stories if any they have :) 

(after I figured out how to read your thread without having to make an account *ahem* )

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13 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

I just read those stats as costings for running TPA and was just about to suggest that there's something seriously wrong! 😂

To be fair, the MPG was in the teens before I got the carb and CVT properly sorted!

In contrast, her last fuel up was £18.22 over 101 miles - so just over 37MPG.

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Someone was out and about again today.  Now proudly displaying her replica tax disc.



Ended up doing something I haven't in years.  After I was done with the errands I had to run, I just picked a road and decided to see where it went.  Was probably out for a couple of hours.  That says a lot I think about how I've started to build some proper confidence in this car - and enjoying driving her.


10" wheels and quite firm suspension aren't great with the condition a lot of roads round here are in.  The fact there are quite so many crashes and rattles from the bodywork and doors I think makes it seem worse than it is because of the noise.  It's not actually too jarring and the seat helps provide a decent amount of isolation too.  Really want to move on getting the roof lined as I think that will help with the racket.

She's far more at home on A roads than B roads funnily enough.  A roads tend to have more sweeping curves with better sight lines so it's easier to carry speed through corners.  B roads don't afford the same opportunities (at least the one I was on today...doubly as it's not a road I know) so I was finding myself wishing I had a couple of BHP more on a couple of occasions, and did pull in to let the queue behind me pass at a couple of points.  Activa is the car for roads like that.

Still won't impact me driving the car though, and is useful experience to gain.  Was a really good workout for the brakes too...so I can now say that brake fade doesn't seem to be an issue, as I was working them pretty hard at a few points!

We're still leaking a bit of oil though I spotted when I came to put her back into the garage a few hours later.


Not a huge amount, just two single drips it looks like.  However that's two drips too many for my liking.


I need to do a bit more detective work first but it looks like the culprit is the crankshaft oil seal.

Which would suck as I'm pretty certain changing that will be an engine out job as I think the whole rear engine mount assembly will have to come off to get an impact driver onto it.  I'll get a set of seals ordered anyway so they're in stock whenever I need them.  If I do end up doing that I'll basically just replace every oil seal on the outside of the engine while it's out.

I'm not *too* worried about it at this point...I just want to keep an eye on it.  With so little oil in the sump leaks are something not to be taken lightly though.  If it is just a couple of drips when we stop I'm not going to panic though.

Apparently it's catching too...


Problem is there's an under tray in the way there...so it could be engine oil or LHM.  Don't think it's coolant.  I'll need to investigate it.  There definitely is an oil leak we need to deal with though as the sump in general looks quite wet.

In addition to the replica tax disc in TPA, the rest of the fleet now have them too, courtesy of Cort16 over here.






Nice touch I think, and the sort of detail I've found that at shows can help as a conversation starter for folks who might be a bit self conscious about asking questions and such.  Plus it just looks odd to me not having a disc in the window!

I do enjoy the ridiculous variety I see looking out of the south facing upstairs bedroom windows.




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  • Zelandeth changed the title to Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 14/04 - That's now *three* cars with oil leaks...

Well let's monitor the Invacar oil leak now I've resolved this.


Dumb mechanic error.  Guessing I forgot to thread the dipstick in to take the reading.  Let's see if this has sorted it next time we're out.

Only real car job was to finish sorting the wipers on the Jag.  When I sorted out the intermittent motor back last year I never really put any effort into getting the wiper alignment right and had broken the non return valve for the windscreen washers.  Both of these issues were resolved today, so the wipers now park in the correct spot again, so only a quarter of the way rather than halfway up the windscreen.



Replaced the wiper blades too as the ones on there looked horrible.  They went rusty pretty much the day they were fitted.


Last job was to realign the washer jets as the driver's side one washed the scuttle and the passenger side one was pointing skywards.

Much better.  Granted that's one item of about 700 on the to do list ticked off...but it's something at least!

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  • Zelandeth changed the title to Zel's Motoring Adventures...Jag, Citroens, Mercedes & AC Model 70 - 19/04 - Fan Belt Adjustment Fun...

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      I was hoping the Dolomite would be drivable by now but that's not looking likely. So I'll have to either do the work on this on the drive, cart the Dolomite down to storage over spring/summer or send this off to a professional for it to be sorted. It'll need an MOT anyway, but I'd like to get some of the key things sorted before then.
      Main issues for the MOT:
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    • By mk2_craig
      Folks.  I don't care that the subject matter of this thread is, relatively-speaking, basically a new car.  I'm calling it shite and anybody who disagrees after letting the pictures do the talking can vanish off up their own arse as far as I'm concerned.
      With that out the way, here's the first bit of the tale.  I'll be brief.  Up until last August my wife was running this Astra Twintop of 2007 vintage.  Luxurious with the top spec "Design" trim level complete with comedy useless early built-in satnav tech, quick with the 2 litre Turbo motor.  Just about 34k on the clock at that point, and it had been treated to four new tyres the previous month.  Drove lovely.

      She then decides that a Mini convertible would be the way to go.  Here's the newest one she could find within budget :

      R57, registered mid 2010, Cooper S with the 1.6 turbo engine.  Looks alright eh?  

      Ok, it has some wheel and tyre-related issues.

      Admittedly, some perished rubber seals would want dealing with.

      Granted, those wipers are shagged.

      And those shitty, SHITTY "Cooper script" decals are way past their best, as are the faded and peeling bonnet stripes.

      Chunk missing outa that A-pillar trim, and what about that aerial?


      Someones only gone and nicked the COOPER S badges, but at least the bodywork's tidy, right?

      Hmmm.  Well, at least it still has a full set of locking nuts, doesn't it?

      OH COME ON!!!!

      So the background is that one of our local Polish car traders took it in as a part-ex against something better.  Usually he would smarten it up to punt on at a nice profit, but with his bodyshop man out of action he wanted this one off the books pronto and put it up for a couple of grand below the going rate.  I think most on here would have probably recommended walking away as rapidly as possible, but I can only conclude that I was high that day, because apparently we agreed a deal in which he took the Astra PLUS CASH against this tatty BINI.   Therefore it's been on fleet strength for the last seven and a half months.
    • By Peter C
      Woke up this morning, had a little time before I had to leave the house for work, had a quick look at what’s new for sale on Retro Rides and saw an ad for a W124 200E manual, located 15 miles from home. I had no intention of buying a car today but I had to have it! I called the seller and arranged a viewing.
      2 x rusty front wings (TADTS)
      1 x rusty rear arch
      Needs a polish
      Tracking is out because new track rod end was fitted for MoT
      Engine has oil leak/s
      Good points:
      It’s a W124 200E!
      5 speed manual transmission
      New clutch
      Brand new MoT
      Superb MoT history
      4 x as new Continental tyres
      Last owner for 15 years, her husband before that for 4 years
      Very tidy MB-Tex interior
      Drives well
      All electrics work
      The dealer kindly delivered the car to my house but I managed a pez station shot on route:

      Remove front wings, cut away rust and apply plenty of wob.
      In-situ similar repair for rear arch
      Clean and polish
      Service engine
      Adjust tracking
      Leave patina and enjoy the car as it is
      I will update this thread once progress is made.









      Hopefully these two will become good friends.

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