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MINIATURE SHITE HOARD DISPOSAL: 13-05-19 More new photos

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Messrs L and Laurel you have private message. Mr DVee8 the BMW is on hold and Mr Tidybeard I will swap the Cadbury Double Decker for a quantity of chocolate, or a small number of new style pound coins that can be exchanged for confectionery.


I think this lot is about the last of it, for now anyway - there is some tattier Corgi/Matchbox and Majorette stuff at my parents' place which I will retrieve eventually.




First up, the "project Sierras" loosely reassembled.  MAY 2019 - BOTH SOLD




Superkings Unimog, amazingly the figure and lamp-post have stayed together with it since the early eighties.  MAY 2019 - SOLD






Now this is one I will regret selling, fantastic "garage transporter" from about 1986. Matchbox designed this one really well!




Renner Espace from Guisval, 1-43 scale, with a strange drop-down tailgate. 26-10-17 GUISVAL ESPACESTIC SOLD







More bus shite, Sunderland and Newcastle Metrobuses, a couple of the same that I repainted (badly) age 15, and a London example in that nice Airbus livery they had for a while.  MAY 2019 ALL BUSES SOLD








A couple of EFE models missing the outer packaging, and a very smart Dennis Dart in the Lothian colours of a decade ago. 26-10-17 BRADFORD DECKER AND LEA VALLEY MK1 POINTER SOLD, LOTHIAN BUS ALSO SOLD


Hurry, before my son finds them and plays multiple model car pile ups!

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The trailer of that 'garage transporter' was later offered as a cradle to carry a wildly out-of-scale coastguard boat. Tractor unit was Merc for that, too.


Edit: Actually, I'm RONG. It's very similar, but not the same.




Have a free bump, anyway.


Good luck with sale!

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Just as an update for anybody who's not yet received their goodies yet - I entrusted the job of posting them out to my wife but found out an hour ago that she clean forgot to visit the post office until yesterday lunchtime, so they're on their way a few days later than planned. Profuse apologies and rest assured I will be asking her to deep clean the interior of my manky old new £40 Volvo as punishment.


There are a few of you who have had PM from me, please check your in boxes.


Also, would anybody be interested in unboxed Matchbox and Corgi cars from the 1970s and 1980s, mainly the "Juniors" size but a few of the "Superkings" scale as well (i.e. like the red and silver Sierras earlier in this thread). These are in various states of playworn though some later ones are in good condition and there are the odd few still in the box such as a Rover 800 police car.




Picture nicked from an eBay seller who reckons its 45 Quid's worth! Obv I'm not after anywhere near that much for it.


I'll try and get some photos of the others next time I'm at my parents place, there must be at least 100 there.

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No idea what the Concorde is worth. Think its 1-200 scale. PM me an offer! Also forgot to mention that there's a good few Majorette cars in there, Renner 18, Peugeot 604, Chrysler Alpine, mk1 Clio, etc etc etc

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No idea what the Concorde is worth. Think its 1-200 scale. PM me an offer! Also forgot to mention that there's a good few Majorette cars in there, Renner 18, Peugeot 604, Chrysler Alpine, mk1 Clio, etc etc etc



I don't want to insult you with a low offer, let me know what you're thinking and if we're in the same ballpark haggling will commence :D

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Got some photos earlier.  I think this is your lot as far as boxed Corgis go, the Rover is very much better than the Escort in terms of both the car and the box:




The unboxed Corgis are in some cases very "used":




The FX4 is a bit better and the tow truck is a Matchbox Superking:




The other Corgi/Superkings are all in regular use by my son when he visits my parents, but he's careful with them (left to right - Escort mk3, yellow 2CV, 911, XJ6, mk1 Polo):




The box contains a Matchbox caravan that I think would have come with the XJ6 originally, Ford Transcontinental car transporter with a green Renner 14 just visible inside, a Britains tractor/trailer, Corgi Renner 5 and 11, plus a couple of Matchbox artics:




Right so this is some of the smaller stuff, amongst others there's a white Renner 5, silver Citroen CX, white De Tomaso Pantera, blue Merc S Class, green Beetle, white Range Rover, orange/blue Merc 608, blue Ford Model A van in Kellogg's Rice Krispies livery...




...green Mk4 Cortina, blue Chrysler Alpine, yellow Lambo Countach, orange BMW CS, white Citroen Dyane, pink Mk1 Capri, grey Peugeot 604, blue R5 sans tailgate, red Datsun Z, red Mini, orange Fiat Ritmo, yellow Renner 18 taxi.




Bit of planeshite as well, including a slightly badly-built "Red Arrow" Hawk kit.






Plus some newer ones (XR4i, Camaro, F40, XR3i and E30 cabrios)




(Clio, Volvo 760, XM, Renner Extra, Tipo, 405, Renner 25)




Some Dinky Army stuff, this looks quite a bit older




And a snap-together kit of a Fiat Uno, which I must have got bored with and "decorated" using a Tipp-Ex pen at some point, the shame.




There's a couple more carry cases of small Matchboxes etc which I will dig out another time.

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