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Renault 6 rescue (Aug 2020 - rehomed)

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3 hours ago, Zelandeth said:

Could be worse, could be a Pinto!

...Or a Gardner 6LXW.  That at had a good excuse to be heavy though!

860lb (390kg) for my engine and 'box; that represents 52% of the weight of a complete Renault 6.

Quit yer whinin'.

Alternator would probably be less of a headache, even with bracket fabrication in the long run.

Glad to see movement on this again. Gotta love obtuse French cars!



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So the Buckingham chapter of Bob's life came to an end today. Windmill Dave came bright and early, loaded him up and set course for Bristol and @djoptix

Out of the garage and meeting the Mondeo for the first and last time


Easy to push onto the road


Up he goes


That's quite steep but Dave's winch made light work of such a light car


Loaded up...


...strapped down...


...and away into the distance. Bye bye Bob, it's been a fun and frustrating three years.


djoptix has already started his own thread so look there for Bob's continuing adventures. This chapter of his life is now closed but a new chapter is just beginning. Farewell old friend and I hope we meet again someday.

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