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Lupo 20v turbo, sounds like a good idea

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It’s been a while but now I’ve got shot of the Corsa I managed a few hours on the Lupo today.

Finally got round to fitting my slimline fan, which after a hunt on autodata for the pins from the radiator switch I should be able to get running quite easily.



Fitted some new plugs I had bought, and gave it a wash


I then moved onto fitting the passenger side seatbelt for the test only to find I have somewhere binned the sliding mount for the b pillar. Urgh.



It’s nice to have a go at it for the first time in ages. Even though it took me an hour to find the key. Drove it up and down the drive to turn it round and wash it - didn’t see anything untoward. Only thing that’s frustrating is a stiff gearstick but I think some 3in1 might sort that, along with use.

Hoping to Bang this in for a test by the end of August.

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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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