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It's grim up north....tales from the Primate House


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If it cleared up en-route its probably fixed right?


I mean, it must be.


Or its an inlet?






Very well done getting it home under its own steam/pez though.  I wish my gooonards were this big.  I also regret not having a go at the last EDDYFEST when I was offered the reins.

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I’ve been having a play today with both cars. Curiosity got the better of me so I opened up the ECU on the diesel keeper to see what’s what.


This is the label on the top of the chip...




A spot of googling suggests it could be the product of a company called Collins Performance who seem to remaps under the name of Powerchips.


May well drop them an email on Monday to see if they can shed any light on it.


In other news, I’ve managed to fix the steering column adjuster that I knackered on the way up Saabnuts drive at the start of a 355 mile road trip.

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It’s been a relatively productive day.


Managed to sort out the exhaust blow on FOS, cleaned some more mud off and possibly bodged/fixed the rear suspension height sensor.


Unfortunately, the mud was actually structural and removal of aforementioned has revealed a little more in the way of welding requirements than originally anticipated...




If it’s any consolation (it’s not really) the other side isn’t too bad. Oh well, I’ve seen a lot worse, admittedly on Morris Minors and Discoverys but everywhere else underneath is remarkably grot free.


Thanks to Beko1987 and his fine choice of part worn tire renumeration (cheers Sam, there was no need but thanks anyway), the next instalment, the evaluation of the spares vehicle, will probably have to wait until tomorrow...



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I was offered a very tidy P38 HSE 4.6 with LPG conversion at a good price last week. Whilst thinking about going for a look at it to buy it I remembered the beep! The best part of FOS was the economy and ride. The HSE would only have half of this so I declined! The beep has won here!

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Looks not too hard for mr Leeds to learn his welding on.


Both sides looked ok till a wire bursh was used and it flaked off. Not structural though.


The new one is gone all the way along whereas the old new one just needs a couple of touch ups.


The different in Scottish winters and the other one is quite marked. Things like brake dust plates have disappeared, lots of rusty bits but mainly surface.


Still manages to beep a fuck load though!

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Having spent the last six weeks (well, it feels like it anyway) watching a Rover 820 being coaxed back to life in my workshop, I think it's time we get on with some P38 loving.


After I've slept off this impending hangover.


More tomorrow :-)

It's been two ... Loooooooong days...


But don't be surpised if there is something new on your drive when you open the curtains tomorrow... ...

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Now the new forum software is in place and I don’t have to bugger about with tapatalk to upload photos, I’m going to make an effort to keep this thread up to date.

To start with, there’s a little trans-pennine collection scheduled for later today...firstly though, I’m off to inspect a local vehicle for sale spotted by a fellow shiter from up north.

It wasn’t going to be quite as early as this but there’s a bloody great cycle race going up the road where the car is located at lunchtime so it’s time to get going.

For reasons of client confidentiality, I’ll leave it to the shiter concerned as to whether or not he wishes to break cover later, suffice to say the car in question is definitely a bit of a rarity these days. It just remains to be seen if it’s in as pristine condition as the seller makes out...

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Vehicle inspection has been undertaken and reports filed....now time for the collection.

The destination was Cas Vegas, a quaint little settlement on the outskirts of Leeds village, and one with which we were well acquainted. So much so that sat nav was deemed irrelevant and the destination was achieved with no issues.

Having said our hellos and spent an enjoyable 15 minutes fussing Buddy the dog, the V5 was transferred electronically, tax was purchased at a cost of £23 odd and the new addition to the fleet was prepared to be driven away...



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Initial reports from the vehicle inspectorate are favourable.

A stop off en-route back to Lancashire for parental visiting and tea consumption has occurred...the view of the car park puts into perspective how bloated cars have become...the seven seater Ford is no bigger than the Focus next to it and actually appears smaller than the ex-snagglepuss Lancer at the other side...



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Back home now....many thanks to Ohdearme for a pleasant hassle free experience...highly recommended for all your roffle win needs.

It’s not until you look around that you realise how rare these things are now, in early incarnations at least. Having said that, it made it back over the big hill with zero issues (if you don’t count the radio that went a bit weird on the M66) so it can hold its own comfortably with all the modern gear.

Minor jobs to do (so far) include bleeding the brakes as there’s a smidgin of air in there somewhere, having a look at the drivers door lock/handle as it’s been replaced with an aftermarket unit and it’s a bit temperamental and probably replacing the radio with one of the many genuine Ford 6000s I’ve got littering the stock room shelf.

Other than that, it’s getting pressed straight into tip duty for a month or two whilst we do some much overdue home improvements at which point it’ll then receive a fresh MOT and possibly a new Autoshite custodian.

Form an orderly queue...   ?

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I'm sure it'll do you a rare old service but I won't be joining the orderly queue on this one.  I don't think there's ever been a car made that has elicited such a negative response from my pants bits.

Maybe your infinitely better half would be better off in, say, for example, a magnificent burgundy Citroen AX  than that mouldy bowl of Ford hummus. An AX with a plucky heart and as much charm as a hundred cute mongrel puppies, all with one ear cocked jauntily, a black patch (of fur) around one eye,  and each their own neckerchief. 

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