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It's grim up north....tales from the Primate House

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On 12/17/2020 at 10:20 AM, NorthernMonkey said:

One for the MX5 botherers among us...my MOT man across the yard had a fairly tidy looking 2004 on the test ramp this morning.

Take a look at the rear arms...



and yes, the rest is just as bad!

I’ve had to lend him some more yellow chalk...he’s run out of his own!

That's grim. My everyday 1990 Lancia Thema wasn't as bad as that when I scrapped it 2 years ago. Aye, rust buckets those Italian cars🙄

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Decided to have a play with the van that I bought from here a few months ago. It needed some new tyres so 4 new Falkens were procured the other day and have now been fitted...


Since then, it has proved itself extremely useful as a van in its own right...


(anybody want to buy a scooter? 😂)

However, the elephant in the room was always going to be the caved in side...



Having weighed up the options, one of these was bought from Machine Mart for £95ish...


...and was today opened up and put to use...



It’s by no means finished yet but it’s a whole lot better than it was. The grey in the second pic was how I’ve left it tonight with a bit of zinc primer to protect it from the elements for the minute. 
The van came with a replacement section of body that’d been cut out of another van. The actual structure behind the outer panel on mine however is practically untouched so I’ll probably just cut off the outer sill cover from the repair section and fit it to this one rather than spend hours trying to shape and fill the creases at the bottom.

Oh yes, I got a little delivery a couple of weeks ago courtesy of  @worldofceri



I haven’t had time to even look at it yet other than a quick peer underneath whilst sticking it on the back of my truck. It does look remarkably solid under there but hopefully I’ll get it up to the workshop soon for further investigations.

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I should point out that in the best tradition of spending as little as possible, the first class upgrade with complementary nose bag was acquired for £not much via Seatfrog...

PC is currently one and hopefully destined to remain at that for the foreseeable future as I’m not a fan of train facilities.

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