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1974 MGB GT - The Mustard (Mit) Mobility Scooter

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21 minutes ago, Kiltox said:
Citation needed
Modern brakes are leagues ahead in terms of performance surely?


I don't know if it is better or not, but our Boxsters appear to have fixed calipers. I also massive love the fact that Porsche put the brake bleeder on the outside too, so you don't even need to take the wheel off to bleed the brakes.

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23 minutes ago, Kiltox said:

Citation needed

Modern brakes are leagues ahead in terms of performance surely?

With modern friction materials pads and metallurgic sciences for the consumables of a braking system, a modern fixed calliper system will still outperform a modern sliding/floating calliper system.

If you look at heavy vehicles, high performance vehicles or motorcycles where braking performance is just as, if not more, important than acceleration, they nearly all have fixed callipers. Braking force can be applied more evenly to the disc, the only parts that can jam or stick are the pistons themselves. Pads and discs also wear much more evenly.

For the average car driven by the average Joe, and where price, compactness and weight saving are more important factors, a sliding or floating calliper system suffice for most applications, but they require a little more in terms of maintenance requiring a bit of lube on the many more moving parts they have, as a result are more likely to suffer from seized or corroded parts when rubber boots perish or split.

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Just got back from shitefest in this and it performed almost* faultlessly.


Started off



Packed plenty of tools. Mostly if I didn't, sods law dictates I'd needed them.



Took the back roads on the way there. Nearly three hours of driving is very tiring in the MGB. Didn't help with constantly getting stuck behind people doing 30-40mph in 60mph limits. Seems to be a thing happening more often. The BGT just has enough power to perform a reasonably easy overtake.


Next to Mr6C DS at Shitefest. The cars are similar ages to each other, but the MGB does feel a bit more modern to me in comparison. Such a different driving experience between the two!



When I got there, I noticed that the oil was on the minimum level. Topped it to around three quarters. Richardthestag suggested that it could have been that my dipstick is jumping around as it was very loose in the holder. He wrapped some insulation tape around the top of it to make a slightly better seal.


Checking twice on the way back on the services showed no drop in the oil.


Back home now. Checking the oil level again it now reads on the max marker?! I can only guess it's the slight drop at the front of the drive that has done it. Wouldn't have thought it would be sufficient to have made a difference but I guess it must have done.



I'll get a new rubber seal for the dipstick from Moss during the week. Hopefully will stop any risk of it leaking out from there and should improve/prevent crankcase air leaking.


I think it worked out around 165-170 miles or so today. By far the longest I've taken it on one journey and one day. Probably the longest and furthest it's ever driven in nearly two decades!







* Apart from the oil level, the only other issue was my gear knob coming loose. Surprisingly annoying problem driving it like that!



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2 minutes ago, dozeydustman said:

Bit of plumber's ptfe tape around the thread on the gearstick will sort you knob falling off.

There is a lock nut on the bottom. I think I was being a big too vigorous on my knob while I was changing gear. 

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Just now, 320touring said:

Good work getting some miles on the thing - sounds like you and it got along ok:)

Yeah definitely enjoying it now. Was having great fun around the twisty roads.

Motorways really aren't it's thing though. I think I need to put some ear defenders in the car for next time. Does cruise happily at 70mph. 80mph (on a private test track) there is a wheel shake going on suddenly. No pleasant. I believe 90mph in an MGB you get the front end starting to lift too. 

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Being too vigorous with your knob can indeed result in it working loose or coming off in your hand.

It's good to see you out and about in the B for more than a round the block shakedown and proving pretty much trouble free. Probably think that your sloped driveway is the main reason it appeared to use the oil today but also a good day's worth of driving for the first time in yonks may have pushed it to circulate further round the engine than previously before as it got right up to a good temperature. Monitor the oil level, old engines do leak and/or burn it through both wear and design. To be honest I don't think you'll have much to worry about until it leaves plumes of blue smoke all the time.

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To be honest I don't think you'll have much to worry about until it leaves plumes of blue smoke all the time.


I noticed tonight that you get some impressive clouds of smoke when accelerating hard in the Traffic Light GP. Did wonder that the back road driving this morning of overtaking/stop+start/etc may have led to a higher consumption. Especially not helped by me giving it plenty of beans on every good occasion I could!



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If it's black or white smoke it's the mixture, if blue then it's definitely oil. Wouldn't harm you next time you need to take the head off swapping the valve stem seals. As you say it's done bugger all over the last 20 years or so, they may have dried out a little

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Just enquired to the distributor doctor on having the original distributor rebuilt. For a rebuild, recalibration and repair of the mounting collar - £264

Ouch! Same price as a brand new 123 ignition distributor. Or I could send that CSI one off to be changed to a non immobiliser version. 

I have a spare distributor casing, so possibly could send that as a replacement maybe?
Collar is pretty buggered and probably get worse if clamped even just a little too tight.

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Probably this thread is going to end up even more boring now this car mostly seems to work*. One irritating thing is that the foot well is wet again.

Looks to be coming through the pedal box area as the pedals are wet at the top. No idea how?

Passenger footwell seems to be getting wet from up top area. You can see water droplets on the washer pipe.

I'm wondering if the rock hard bonnet seal is allowing water in. But then no idea how it can be when the car is stationary.

Mechanically everything seems reasonable. Engine is lumpier at the moment and I'm 100% not sure why. Cheap Chinese distributor won't be helping here and the plugs aren't reading a perfect colour. So possibly a tad on the rich side and timing probably isn't great either. Gearbox is definitely easier to select gears now. Not sure if it's the clutch master change or just being used. Reverse, for example, is very easy to get into and no longer a two hand job.

In better news, I went out to the shops tonight and for the first time ever I've had the rear demister on. It actually almost fully works - all bar the bottom bar!

Could hear the alternator belt really working hard trying to transfer the energy to the alternator with the lights, demister, wipers and heater fan all on. Wouldn't be surprised if the battery didn't get fully recharged on that journey.

Cabin heater works too. It's as hot as a mosquito fart, but it demisted the windscreen ok. I could have done with it on Saturday night, but I had never previously turned the heater on. I didn't want to risk bad stuff happening on the M5 at 8:30pm, when I just wanted to get home. So I just put up with the cold.

I guess these heater matrixes have always been crap and even if I attempted to flush it through, it won't be much better?

Finally, the speedometer rolled over to a satisfying milage.

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