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hey its a corsa.£359


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spoke to previous owner,yes genuine mileage of 11000 miles from new, postcode bl1 2lt,has a mot till nov 2017,all tyres like new,done about 2000 miles,spare never used,the good it needs tcut,have put on timim=ng belt on,given it a service,so its poverty spec model so windup windows,keepfit steering,no fag lighter,have upgraded the headlight bulbs,put ne bosch front pads on done about 100 miles on them,fuel,taxed etc to get you home.





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Honestly, spend a few days cleaning it, get those stickers off, proper machine buff, photos on white background like someone suggested and try for a higher price.  You won't have people falling over themselves to get it due to povo spec but you should be able to get a bit more especially if you've good paperwork for the milage.


Frankly I'd come round give you the cash you're asking and do it myself but its rather a long way!

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busy wive parents hospital runs,i stick to mech side sod tcutting,easier to let it go at this price,the jewish lady who owned it,her daughter binned all docs,still has service stickers on it,have just the logbook,mot..its  just cheap runabout.

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A friend of mine purchased an almost identical car from an old man in London, same story, mega clean and low miles. He fitted a full SRi interior, lowered it, factory rear lip spoiler, some nice white alloys and cleaned the bejesus out of it. He sold it for £1500.


Had all of my savings not been spent on a completely unsuccessful top end rebuild on my Corsa, I would already be in the train down to Bolton, buy this and have swapped all of the bits on mine into this one to create an identical car to the one I noted above.


No help to you sir but I thought I would register my appreciation.

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