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Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - W140 Rear Suspension Refresh Cont.

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Only the best, hand picked shite!

Not a lot of progress, I've reassembled the center console in the Celsior (I took the radio out to check if there was any obvious source for the lack of audio, but it's probably a missing JDM specific amplifier in the back) and put the CD player back into place inside the boot.

I've also changed the plastic adjusters in the pair of E39 headlights I polished previously. First one took over 4 hours, second one was a breeze at 90 minutes. Why BMW...

In other very special news, I've sold the manual 540i.. I bought it in Edinburgh about 2.5 years ago (cheapest one for sale I could find) and drove it until the MOT ran out. The combination of a V8 with a BMW manual was absolutely glorious and I really would have loved to see it back on the road which was the original plan. That didn't happen unfortunately so I decided to put it up for sale to save some money and eventually buy the real deal...

After dealing with the typical mouth breathers and time wasters you'd expect a cheap BMW to attract a guy who apparently likes his rusty German Autobahn stormers (Mercs of the early 2000s) had someone sent to pick it up. He said he would weld it up and get it back on the road which hopefully is true as 540i with a 6-speed are as rare as they get, in any case I got more than I paid for it when it was in much better shape so I can't really complain there.🤷‍♂️ Let's just hope this won't be another case of making a quick buck at the cost of a future classic as is all too often the case.



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The last car I didn't really want to sell ended up in Germany (the first S8 I had). That car has been receiving a complete nuts and bolts restoration which is still ongoing. If the 540i only has half as much luck I'll be glad it found a new owner.

The Celsior received a little attention yesterday, I replaced the cracked corner light (no photos). Today however I finally tackled the rear suspension of the Mercedes which has been on jack stands for a few weeks now. No proper photos aside from showing all the shiny news bits that were put back on it!




If anyone is interested in the old shocks, they are actually still good and dont leak a bit, its just the bushing and outer appearance that let them down!


Unfortunately Im struggling with getting the brake rotors back on the car again, the new parking brake shoes have too much meat now for them to get back on. I think its all coming down the the parking brake cable having been adjusted in the past. Doesnt sound like a big deal, until you find out that Mercedes wants you to drop the exhaust to get to the adjuster thats sitting right above it and the driveshaft... I've ordered a set of allen keys that will hopefully allow me to squeeze my hand in there and get let some of the tension off again...

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  • Schaefft changed the title to Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - W140 Rear Suspension Refresh Cont.

Great success! To get the disc on I only had to drop the exhaust!


Fortunately that actually wasnt too hard, the hangers are bolt mounted, all of which came out fairly easily. It took a bit of force to get the discs over the new parking brake shoes and Im sure that this is not just because they have to bed in?


I'll probably have to crawl underneath there again and adjust the cable a little more before its all done...

Mating surfaces cleaned up nicely, nothing will stick on there anytime soon. Also its nicely contrasting with the rotting splash shield, beautiful.


Hopefully more progress tomorrow...

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