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Forum Funding - Statement of account UPDATED 07/10/2019

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Accounts update October 2019. Slightly delayed due to life being exceptionally busy.

Thanks to all who donated last month, we hit a total of £101.50.

Costs this month are lower following the upgrades, totalling £92.50 including hosting and backups.  The current balance in the account is therefore +£149.82. The PP Moneypool seems to have worked well, reducing fees to zero leaving more in the kitty.

I have set the target at £80 this month as the money pools seem to be working well and we're getting a small surplus each month now. There are no more one-off costs anticipated.

As the MoneyPool seems to work pretty well we'll do the same again this month. As per last month, donations are on a strictly 'Friends & Family' basis so there is no right to refund like with a 'normal' PP purchase. That said, if anyone accidentally donates too much just drop me a PM and I'm happy to manually refund! Hopefully this is OK for everyone, let me know if there are any issues though. If anyone wants is unable to pay via PP please PM me and I can see what alternatives there are.

Should you wish to donate, the MoneyPool can be found HERE

Thanks all.

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