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My spottings, old and new

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It's a Morris Oxford, the later version of which became the basis for the Hindustan Ambassador. (The Morris Major was an Australian market car and was rather different).

Anyway, where on earth do you live, Mr Bunglebus? Spotting any one of those vehicles would make my day. Never see anything vaguely interesting around here.

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Well I live near Chelmsford but I get about a bit! That one was near Greenhithe in Kent, the guy regularly has classics on the drive, think there are a couple of Morris Minors next door too. Annoyingly I had to stop on a main road in a van to pap it, did note the plate but somehow deleted it...


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Don't think this ovloV is in use


49137373872_cc6fdde033_4k.jpg20191128_122541 by RS, on Flickr


Nice Mog van


49137367602_0791889428_4k.jpg20191128_121929 by RS, on Flickr




49136675673_f7196dcd60_4k.jpg20191128_115545 by RS, on Flickr

49136679473_1aafddae76_4k.jpg20191128_115524 by RS, on Flickr


Liked this Ranger with moon discs


49137352327_592a8feee9_4k.jpg20191128_094107 by RS, on Flickr


This guy always has a few Sciroccos


49042969053_51ccc54aea_4k.jpg20191110_145547 by Rich Secker, on Flickr

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First German adventure of 2020 has begun.


Still lots of MK2 Golfs about


49478283672_91217b6e18_4k.jpg20200202_164152 by RS, on Flickr

49477814842_40958010fd_4k.jpg20200202_134455 by RS, on Flickr


Seen a couple of these by my apartment, both silver estates


49478277907_4ebd81d81d_4k.jpg20200202_164238 by RS, on Flickr


Chased this for a few blocks on my bike before catching the driver parking up


49478271487_8538a671b4_4k.jpg20200202_164028 by RS, on Flickr


49478270967_7a424e94e6_4k.jpg20200202_163934 by RS, on Flickr


Not really a Merc man...


49477566333_bf89da6877_4k.jpg20200202_163355 by RS, on Flickr


...but you never know what's hiding in a garage


49477566103_40c81fb266_4k.jpg20200202_163320 by RS, on Flickr


49478267557_d1c6678581_4k.jpg20200202_162631 by RS, on Flickr


Plenty of older Audis doing their job still


49478266037_663ff9c6b5_4k.jpg20200202_162238 by RS, on Flickr


Plenty of microcars too


49477563388_bc92781e24_4k.jpg20200202_162045 by RS, on Flickr

49478264102_079fcb58cc_4k.jpg20200202_161842 by RS, on Flickr

49478263032_1c1137d9fc_4k.jpg20200202_161807 by RS, on Flickr


49478045996_95813bdb84_4k.jpg20200202_161943 by RS, on Flickr

49477109123_323d8afa9a_4k.jpg20200202_133953 by RS, on Flickr


Out of use Caddy


49478261862_02cc5c9892_4k.jpg20200202_161719 by RS, on Flickr


Not many of these in the UK


49477551583_24b768c181_4k.jpg20200202_161445 by RS, on Flickr


Only one Cavalier Vectra so far


49477551513_5cfa840a4d_4k.jpg20200202_161330 by RS, on Flickr

49478035326_97242cb030_4k.jpg20200202_161309 by RS, on Flickr


Lots of pre-facelift 3B Passats


49478034476_975fcfe54c_4k.jpg20200202_161244 by RS, on Flickr

49478250402_3bf67afb14_4k.jpg20200202_155446 by RS, on Flickr


And a solitary 3A


49479187972_3b5701d6d1_4k.jpg20200202_175245 by RS, on Flickr

More Audis


49477549733_27c21c436f_4k.jpg20200202_160945 by RS, on Flickr




49478251507_3f5f3843be_4k.jpg20200202_155716 by RS, on Flickr


Fair few newer Yanks, and some older vans


49477548843_a58e449ed4_4k.jpg20200202_155907 by RS, on Flickr


Best find so far


49478250362_b3f34fadce_4k.jpg20200202_155641 by RS, on Flickr

49478250397_10a7b0b185_4k.jpg20200202_155621 by RS, on Flickr



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Nova Corsa


49496964458_f4609f2e1a_4k.jpg20200206_173625 by RS, on Flickr

49496964993_eb85decd06_4k.jpg20200206_173636 by RS, on Flickr


Daylight shots of the Fiorino and BMW


49497685287_78a4e83b80_4k.jpg20200206_171646 by RS, on Flickr

49496964303_c39123ea26_4k.jpg20200206_171657 by RS, on Flickr

49497683557_4b865f52a5_4k.jpg20200206_171127 by RS, on Flickr

49496962008_69354f8cae_4k.jpg20200206_171117 by RS, on Flickr


Haven't seen a Triumph Seat Toledo in ages


49497455991_9df9e94ea5_4k.jpg20200206_171016 by RS, on Flickr


Piaggio ready for takeoff


49497454241_06905448c0_4k.jpg20200206_132000 by RS, on Flickr

49497454581_728f7bcc84_4k.jpg20200206_132037 by RS, on Flickr


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49521825563_983cae7bca_4k.jpg20200211_164643 by RS, on Flickr

49520827863_199220b8c5_4k.jpg20200211_154606 by RS, on Flickr

49520827823_c64ca77027_4k.jpg20200211_153935 by RS, on Flickr

49520825728_a07d8849d2_4k.jpg20200211_151902 by RS, on Flickr

Papped these out of the lorry window - check out the Opels!


49528465353_a6990d4eca_4k.jpg20200212_174830 by RS, on Flickr

49528466103_6579d974fd_4k.jpg20200212_174826 by RS, on Flickr

49529202022_89bc412daa_4k.jpg20200212_174842 by RS, on Flickr

49528468253_eb60c13816_4k.jpg20200212_174848 by RS, on Flickr


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