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13 minutes ago, mitsisigma01 said:

Is it not safer and easier to adapt the exhaust, you probably only have one transmission sump 🤔

Possibly, Sean from Zstory has suggested maybe grinding the flange to angle it away from the sump. My initial thought of modifying the sump is based on it being thinnish steel and easier to cut and weld etc. Also after spending £561 (including shipping from France) on the manifold I am reluctant to start cutting or bashing on it if I can avoid it. I have not modified anything yet though so if a better suggestion comes along I will certainly consider it :) I will be able to get it running as is without the 2-1 collector so it won't be stuck on the ramp.

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I wonder if the four speed auto would fit better? I don't have one yet but have been intending to do the swap at some point for fuel economy reasons. I found the above pictures after a quick Google, the four speed is the top one in both pictures and the sump is further back as the overdrive is between the bell housing and the rest of the box.

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