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Shite in your town, in ye olden times.


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19 hours ago, dozeydustman said:

Moar Gravo goodness.


Crooked Lane. One of the V-reg Altlantean (ex-London Country AN class) being persued by a luton bodied Mk2 Transit.


A little earlier than the photo above, this AN class Atlantean of the EPH - V series of number plates is about to join Crooked Lane at the end of West Street (outside thePier Hotel & Three Daws pub). It may well be the bus in the first photo.


A plethora of early 80s tat outside the Lion Parade on Rochester Road.


Top end of New Rd, undated. Mk3 Fezza would signify 1989 at the earliest.


When the buses were denationalised in the mid 80s, a couple of independents got routes from both London Country and Maidstone & District. Black Horse Buses has this distinctive orange livery and this Bristol VR looked very smart travelling down Clive Road to the railway station bus stand. Most of their fleet was knackered out ex-London Fleetlines. I’m unsure what bus the M&D decker following is. Clive Road until the recent Crossrail/Elizabeth Line redevelopment still had idiots parking on the yellow lines and bus stands.


I believe this is Northfleet High Street. The 2 chimneys at the end are from the former Blue Circle cement kilns, which Top Gear blew up to destroy their Lacetti when it was retired as their ‘reasonably priced car’.


King St/New Rd. The RtT has just turned out of Stone Street opposite Chiesman’s (later Army & Navy). No idea what the single decker is but that Imp looks tasty.

My Nan worked in Chiesman’s. It was just like “Are you being served?”  They actually said “Are you free Mrs…..?” if we went to see her while shopping.

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3 hours ago, Metal Guru said:

My Nan worked in Chiesman’s. It was just like “Are you being served?”  They actually said “Are you free Mrs…..?” if we went to see her while shopping.

There were several branches around SE London and Kent.

Below is Parrock Street, Gravesend in 1964


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22 hours ago, mat777 said:

I currently tolerate living and working in Speke - and this picture has had me racking my brains! I think I sort of recognise it, but it doesn't match any of the rows of corner shops I know of. 
Going by the name of the off licence matching what is now the Nisa, was this a previous all-shop incarnation of what is now mostly redeveloped into the retirement home by the Royal Fail depot?


Keeping it Liverpool themed, this is one shared a while back by a Facebook acquaintance: A United Africa Co. truck carrying cotton destined for the Manchester mills, leaving St Georges Dock and passing the wonderfully Gothic St Nicholas Church and Tower Building offices. 
The exact year is unknown, but the presence of the Zephyr means it must be at least 1956? In which case, it is interesting to note that they are still using a 1926 Sentinel Super 6 Steam Waggon! Looks like a Ford Pop sneaking in from the left, and an AEC model I don't recognise (unusually tiny headlights?) following behind. Can anyone ID the white car behind the waggon trailer?
Although the warehouse is long gone, both the other buildings still exist in splendid condition - I keep meaning to head down there and take a modern shot from the same angle, to make one of these trendy "old and new" blended pictures. Of note, that particular Sentinel also survives, apparently in preservation in Yorkshire but no pictures extant. 

No photo description available.


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Couple more I’ve stolen from the interwebs of Gravesend in years past.


Darnley Rd, possibly at the junction with Old Rd West. The RML above would be 1970-around 75 in this early London Country green, with a delivery of Crispy Golden Crumb in the Bedford TK behind. Ithink the estate car on the left is a Cresta PC.


New Rd between 1980 & 1986. KPJ-W were the Latest Atlanteans in Gravesend, and had subtle differences between these and the bulk of the fleet on V plates, mainly trim and light fittings. An 1100/1300 follows heading the queue.

If anyone wonders why so many of the older photos of Gravesend have buses in them, they are the bulk of what I can find on the internet and social media!

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On 23/03/2022 at 15:33, Asimo said:

Rare base-model (3stud wheels, 1.6) Renault 20. Nice green. Door mirror broken off.


The Renault dealership was about 50 yards up the street.

Another view of that green R20’s house, it’s the white building in the centre, behind the bridge pillar.


This is from one of 9 images of shite in ‘80s Ross-on-Wye that @warren t claim posted on TDW. https://www.thedarkwob.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=112&start=4280

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Have lived around here most of my life. We used to jump on the back of the bus last stop in Woolwich as kids by which time the conductor would be upstairs. By the time he came back down you’d be at the top of the hill and could jump off and leg it. Used to buy my chips from Kim’s to the left of the transit for 45p. Chippers gone now though still get my spares from ABM based on the high street. Proper old school motor factors. 
Edit; the post office on the corner got held up in the 80’s. Shotgun hole in the ceiling remained till it got turned into a florist and renovated. Delivered papers from the newsagents on the right then later in the shop as stock boy till in got my ni number and got a job at the coop up the road. Se18 man and boy. 

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My last Gravesend & Gravesham Borough photos for a while.


The off sales in Windmill St, 1982. I don’t recognise the car but I am thinking Japanese.


1970s, Milton Rd petrol station.


Clive Rd, 1960s

B69C9C20-FC3E-4778-AEF0-EF0B0045ED09.thumb.jpeg.66b7130674f615296a081c36f8e006d7.jpegHarmer Street. Black Horse’s Bristol VR flanked by an XR3 and a Skoda Estelle


New Rd junction with Stone St. outside Chiesman’s again.


The Railway Bell pub, Leyland EA commercial on the left and an Allegro surrounded by other rammel on the right.


Finally on the railway bridge a Leyland Princess, a Cortina ‘80’ and I think parked top left is a Horizon. For the train fanatics the unit is a class 419 MLV (Motor Luggage Van), which is essentially a Mk1 coach with driver controls at each end and express motors. It could also run off batteries. This was normally top or tail of a boat train running from London Victoria to Dover along with a 8 or more commonly a 12 car formation made of 4-CEP (Class 411) units, or a CEP-EPB combination, some EPB units re-geared for 90mph express services instead of the more usual 75mph.

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On 12/17/2022 at 5:08 PM, mat777 said:

Can anyone ID the white car behind the waggon trailer?

Could be a Hillman Minx, but the grille doesn't look quite right.


On 12/18/2022 at 4:24 PM, High Jetter said:

Followed by a Bird's Eye Bedford TK?

Yes, it's a Birds Eye Bedford TK.


If you look carefully there's a distinctive moulding above the cab..


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Belgrave flyover, Leicester, where everyone owned a Ford, it seems. 


Flyover demolished a few years ago to encourage people to walk from the city centre to the golden mile. I like to visit now and then for food but it's mostly a depressing shit-hole corner of the city. Bring back flyovers and Fords. 

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7 hours ago, motorpunk said:

I like to visit now and then for food but it's mostly a depressing shit-hole corner of a city


Actually I quite liked Leicester when living there, apart from the time some twat kicked my car mirrors clean off the doors. It was decent for shite spotting circa 2006-2007, I must re-upload the pictures I took back then the next time I get sacked. 

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As alluded to by @RoverFolkUs on the Grumpy thread, one of the 2 Wetherspoons in Eastbourne used to be a garage. Run by 2 brothers, they were Citroen and Lotus dealers in the 1970's and a good friend of mine at secondary school was a son of one of them. I'd quite often get a lift after school in either a 2CV or a GS, sometimes back to the garage where we could look round the workshop and showroom, lusting after Esprits or Europas or the occasional Elite. Although now at different premises, the business is operated the same family under their own name but without any franchises.


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