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Fiat 133. Completo/Finito


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1 hour ago, purplebargeken said:

Ooooh, even has a key to start it now, swish!!!

Who did the bodywork?

I have to admit to a wry smile at seeing Ken of all people taking a minor swipe at another member for not cracking on with their car projects!

Oh come on, had to divert attention away from my own woeful project progress for a change!!!!

Jeff Ball.

He is apparently a well known old MG restorer/ fixer. 

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  • 1 year later...

Good morning. 

Thought I might pop in and write something. 

F133 is currently in car spa in Poland getting some attention. Unfortunately after closer inspection of the work done in UK by a regarded restorer, I lost any trust in people doing their job right without looking at their hands at every possible opportunity. Quite frankly I was stupid thinking that it can be done properly without me being there.
I am not even going to start listing things that were fucked up, said to be done and plainly made worse.

Fuck you Classic Vehicle Restorations Ltd. by Jeff Ball

Here is my beauty in current state. You can also hear it roar a bit in a video here:

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  • stillOrange changed the title to Project codename F133. Completo/Finito
  • stillOrange changed the title to Fiat 133. Completo/Finito
35 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

Has it ever! 


Are you sure you don't want to take on a Cadillac next? ;)

I'm sure I have mentioned to you that MrsOrange's job involves testicle removals from living things. She knows how to do it with and without anesthesia. 

I'd like to keep mine for now. 

Other than that, wouldn't get through garage doors and availability of cadillac chod round here is extremely good. 😁

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22 hours ago, stillOrange said:

 availability of cadillac chod round here is extremely good. 😁

Yes, I know they are popular where you are; that's why I offered.  But given the ongoing danger to your person, perhaps I'll withdraw the offer...

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