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Fiat 133. Completo/Finito

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I might as well just order every single part to see...


Seriously though, the rotor arms are nice and clean. Leads have seen better days but contacts seem clean enough. Coil, no idea how I would check so will probably have to just buy one.


Ordered carb overhaul pack just because.

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Today in post I received this thing sent in by a fellow forumer.




Full, 4 page, Autocar test of the Fiat. Let me quote...

Spanish-built successor to 850, filling gap between Fiat 126 and 127. Performance rather slower than the 850, but still reasonable. Moderate fuel consumption, with 40 mpg readily available. Safe but not very enjoyable handling, and brakes rather dead. Plain but reasonably functional interior and good visibility. A sound, rather basic, economy car.

Thank you Sir.
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Good evening AS


Long time no update but finally there's a movement with this little bastard.


As I currently reside in another country, working on this has completely ceased. Rather than let it rot I decided to pay someone to get it back on the road.


I'm not sure about the extent of the work I will ask them to do yet. I don't really want a full blown restoration but you never know. Depends on money I suppose.

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So I just got a quote from the restorer.


He effectively says it will take him just over a day of work to put it through MOT.


Happy bunny


And you'll never have to MOT it again. Once you have it, pay the tax on it (free because of age), then do the DVLA form for classic cars and never have to worry about an MOT again. :)

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So I just got a quote from the restorer.

He effectively says it will take him just over a day of work to put it through MOT.

Happy bunny

Great news!

I was thinking about this car not long back and wondered how it was going. Now I know!


Fingers crossed it’ll be on the road for summer then.

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Few areas of rot around headlights but otherwise only spots of surface rust. Not too bad I say.





I never really looked at it properly as it was there attached and didn't bother with it but the exhaust is rather interesting. It looks like shed made and to make it fit someone had to make a hole in the rear panel. Original ones sit nicely tucked away. I'm not sure I want to change it though...



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On 3/8/2019 at 12:25 AM, purplebargeken said:

The Seat 133 looked lovely, much tidier than mine.


I wonder if StillOrange still has it and if he has, has he actually owt to it. Doubtful. Very doubtful.


On 2/24/2019 at 9:17 AM, purplebargeken said:

Seat 133, sort of a bastard love child between a 126/127/fuck knows what else. Oddly charming and basic. 


Huge following in Egypt which should have warned me. Bought from the ongoingly crazy Sam G. Swapped for my previous white Triumph Toledo via StillOrange who likely has done absolutely nothing with it/to it.


I find your lack of faith in me disturbing, young man.


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I have to admit to a wry smile at seeing Ken of all people taking a minor swipe at another member for not cracking on with their car projects! 

10/10, great effort and splendid timing/delivery. These are such an interesting little car. 100% Spanish built I think, during Franco's rule as well, must have been a tricky time for any foreign company to operate in Spain. I reckon these were dreamed up as a car just for the Spanish market, but a few got sold elsewhere as a token effort.


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Ooooh, even has a key to start it now, swish!!!

Who did the bodywork?

I have to admit to a wry smile at seeing Ken of all people taking a minor swipe at another member for not cracking on with their car projects!

Oh come on, had to divert attention away from my own woeful project progress for a change!!!!

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Fuck knows why but they have a bloody massive following in Egypt as I mentioned earlier. 

The bootlid/bonnet/engine cover/whatever came from a guy in Barcelona via the good old bay of E. I think someone on here put me on to it. 

It's a charming little car and amazingly rot free as far as I could tell. I've never cleaned out so much straw though, fugging buckets full of the stuff.

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  • stillOrange changed the title to Fiat 133. Completo/Finito

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    • By 320touring
      A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, The Burd and I went to see the Skizzer to start getting a MK1 Golf Convertible that had been off the road for 10years..
      After a couple of sessions in deepest darkest Wales , coupled with some sterling help and fettling by Skizzer himself, it was time for us to head down and bring the thing back up.
      This went well:
      New tyres were procured and fitted

      The in-game tank pump was pulled out and a new filter fitted

      Then I got in touch with my Inuit side, using brand new* magnets to undertake "tank shite" fishing

      A full check over and a couple of test drives showed it fit to play.
      We set off for sunny Oswestry, only to have both front calipers sticking after 120 miles. Some water and time to collect down saw them free off and cause no further problems.
      Upon getting just past Tebay, it started running rough - nicking into Todhills rest area and luzzing in 10L of fuel had it running bang on for the next 70miles before it died.
      This was the final scene on the way home.

      I got to bed at 00:45, and left it to sit until today.
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      Placeholder topic for now. Currently in @Steve79 mums garage but hopefully transported sometime this month. Mostly down to when @worldofceri passes by next. No rush as I have plenty of other projects on the go, just with Spring coming up quick, I'm looking forward to buzzing around in this. So don't expect anything too exciting to happen for a few weeks yet.
      I was hoping the Dolomite would be drivable by now but that's not looking likely. So I'll have to either do the work on this on the drive, cart the Dolomite down to storage over spring/summer or send this off to a professional for it to be sorted. It'll need an MOT anyway, but I'd like to get some of the key things sorted before then.
      Main issues for the MOT:
      Dash clocks don't work. Battery has leaked in the original board and damaged the traces. Have another set of dash clocks here and I hope to make a good one out of the two. Something I'll definitely have to do as most mechanics won't want to touch soldering up PCBs. Brake pedal doesn't fully go to the top of its travel, unless you assist it by pulling it up. I believe the Rev mentioned corrosion at the top of the pedal or something that just needs cleaning odd. Cambelt. This one scares me everytime the engine is started. Label under the bonnet says last changed in 1998 and that's almost certainly true. Steve has done a few hundred miles on it two years ago, but I don't have the guts or will to do a cambelt roulette myself on it. Plus I don't believe they're that difficult to change. Possibly needs some welding on the NSF. I'll clean the area up and if it's small I may do it myself. Alternatively let my local garage pickup on it at MOT time and let them sort it if it's a problem. So hopefully a quick project to get back on the road. That's the intention anyway as I don't have time for too much more, given the Dolomite is taking my time up and the others need fettling too (1100 front calipers and also selling it, MGB service). Likely scenario is getting the above list done so I can drive it to the MOT station and let them sort anything else out needed for that if anything other comes up.

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      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
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      First some background:
      I was brought up with no car interest, a car was transport and nothing more which resulted in a selection of poor cheap cars being the cars of my youth.
      Fast forward many years (just over 9 years ago) and I have a wonderful* Vauxhall Vectra estate to carry us about. Unfortunately it is crap and throws fault codes at us with nothing being there when it is checked (even at Vauxhall)
      As Mrs T is the main pilot of this chariot with the two little miss T's on board, it has to go.
      The hunt is on for the new steed to safely and comfortably carry the family around. I have a company car at the time so big journeys are not an issue.
      ebay is my weapon of choice to find the new family car. It has to be good value cheap for no other reason than I am tight.
      Weeks of research with lots of cars that are too expensive and too far away for easy collection end up in my watch list.
      Finally a possible is spotted in Fife. I go and have a look and find a poor looking but solid car. One previous owner and lots of history.
      The auction was to end on the Saturday at midday, we were going to be out! I decided on how much I was willing to gamble on it and on the Saturday morning I put in my max bid but straight away it went to my max bid, I was winning but it had three hours to go with no room for me to go up! We went out anyway.
      I spent the next three hours kicking myself for not bidding more while we were out as it was the first car I had seen that fitted my criteria. Fate was in charge.

      On returning home I go straight on ebay to find 'Congratulations.............'
      For the grand total of £500 I had just won this fine vehicle!

      It has 5 months MOT and after fitting seat belts in the rear for the girls car seats it is pushed into daily service.
      My gamble and subsequent use results in a perfectly reliable car that actually does what it is supposed to do.
      Even more importantly Mrs T loves it so a win all round.
      All my cars have names (most are earned over a bit of time) and this one is called 'Gwendolen' ( G reg car and from Wales originally. I hate the name but I am not going to argue)
      That sums up part one, more will be along later (probably much later)
    • By Fumbler
      To mark the genesis of my fleet project thread I here present my new car: a 1997 Nissan Micra Shape-

      It really looks that good. There is a reason for this: its previous owner was an old lady who loved the thing so much so she made every effort to keep it in good shape. It originally came from Fleet in the GU postcode which suggests to me it was bought by the present dealer at auction, hence arriving down here in Kent. Before seeing the car I checked its MOT history and its only fails were thanks to broken stoplights, which shows me that it was very well cared for. I suppose an example of this was that on the last MOT, an advisory was a corroded rear silencer. The silencer on the car when I saw it was new. Methinks the lady wanted to keep it as good as possible. It was kept in a garage and so all the bumpers and black trim are very black and the tyres are in very good condition. Spare never used! Also included a free Dettol first aid kit from 1997.
      This car has 15000 genuine miles on the clock. We clocked over 15000 during the test drive! The lady owner really only trundled around her village in it and the MOT shows that it only did some meagre miles between tests. This, of course, came at a price. We saw a cherry red Micra from 2002 at the same dealer. Paint was shoddy and when they washed it the boot had massive sections of bare metal and it wasn't very happy. This car, however, is in fabulous condition and there was no contest between the two cars- it really is that good, inside and out. Immaculate interior, driver's airbag, cassette player... all there and all functioning (apart from cassette thanks to new battery and failed display). This meant that I bought it for £1600, £100 over what was my uppermost limit, but I knew I wouldn't see another like this that was in as good shape for a fair while. It was priced very ambitiously, at £1990, so I'm content in the fact I managed to slash a few hundred off the price. There wasn't that much paperwork though. All the dealership received was the logbook with 3 service stamps from 1998, 1999 and 2000, the radio key pass, a National Trust sticker, and the original paperwork holder. I suspect the old lady died and had her car auctioned, and the massive file of paperwork is now someone's egg carton, along will everything else she owned.

      As always, this car isn't exactly in showroom condition. While the inside is great and the floor is solid, and the underseal is in great shape, the not undersealed parts need a small looking at. Mainly the rear of the driver's side sill. It's really the only bubbling on the car. I suspect a well aimed stonechip managed to fester over the wintery salted roads, making it rust even more. It's around the size of a 5p piece, and will give me the opportunity to spray the insides of the sill with some chain oil to prevent any further corrosion. Behind the fuel tank there are a few rusty joints- places where the spraygun cannot get paint onto- which some Vactan and Dynax should put to rights. Alternator belt looks original because of the cracking and Nissan badges and will need doing soon as well as the front plate. As much as I like the 90's font and original dealer surround, the dishevelled R and general water ingress is a persistant MOT advisory. It could be the MOT station being strict (and most likely is considering there's a Saxo down the road with far worse blackening), however for the sake of peace of mind and all that, I'll get a new one made. The rear has already been replaced indicating this has happened before.
      All in all, I think this is a nice plucky motor. I'll have it by the end of the week; just got to sort out tax, insurance, and it's going to have an MOT. As part of the deal it's getting the MOT and an oil and filter change which will be something ticked off the list. It has some love scratches and chips here and there, but it drives well, is stiff and controllable, and should make out to be a nice summer project!
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