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Fiat 133. Completo/Finito


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Battery, brake master cylinder, brake reservoir. That's a list from PBK.

Locks, ignition barrel.


It will need overhaul of brakes altogether probably and the front leaf spring looks like needs changing.

Looks like a realist MOT list to tackle and then you will get to drive it and up value the car in the process.

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The white one at the bottom!!!! There is the new master cylinder in the box Daniel.


That transverse spring seems ok to my untrained eye, likely just needs a sanding down/painting/good clean.


I was very impressed by the overall solidity of this little Seat. Underneath looks sound with just surface rust to clean off. 


Deffo worth getting under there with a wire grinder wheel and getting it properly protected. It is amazing that it has lasted this long.


As a serial 127 licker in your younger days, I expect that this will all seem rather familiar for you.

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I liked the third "look."


As for locks, surely a set from almost any older Fiat/Lada/FSO would do the job?  It was all standard stuff back in the 70s, one of our serial Fiat/Lada chappies should have a set.  Surely?

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Oh and now you have this, as well as the beige BX, I think I really have to come down for an afternoon of car-fiddling sometime.  In the Cadillac of course.  What other treats have you got?

Let me know when this is happening. Circumstances approving, I'd love to gatecrash.

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