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Database: *NEW NEWS: TUESDAY 23/05/2017 PLEASE READ*


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Been having seemingly for no reason random database errors,easily fixed but not the point.

Have traced problem to (paid for) backup software which was recently installed.

Vendors are not much help but have disabled it for now & have been recommended a replacement.

Reverted to daily manual backups to secure online storage for now.

Trouble is that i want to ensure that no trace of old program are on server so i intend to close board tomorrow morning & rebuild server totally,hopefully back up by about dinnertime.

Sorry about this but i would rather be safe than sorry.


No posts etc will be lost


Just discoved that others are having this problem as well

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Before it gets lost, copy of my post on the .info server.

The offer stands.

Running a forum is more than taking care of the technicalities.

You need to constantly monitor the new registrations and tell the bad guys (registering as "hulul55" at 3am from china) from the good guys (TrustyRusty on sunday afternoon from a Vodafone UK IP) otherwise you will get spam posts big time. Not everybody's forum comments are up to common legal and ethical standards and it's not easy to keep this under control on a large forum like this one. These are only two of the forum admin daily chores... there are many more.

Cudos to Dave doing a great job at this! All this happens in the background and most of you guys only see the result, a clean spam free forum, but do not recognize the work behind that. I run myself 3 forum's and several car related Websites; i would never dare doing it for a place the size of AS, this is a big job!

On the technical side, i do agree with others (but don't agree with the way some here present their criticism) that Dave should accept some help.

Even a very large server and forum can be operated using opensource software reliably and safe with no costs other than the server fees.
As mentioned, doing real-time database backups is not black magic, even a redundant setup with manual or auto failover using two servers is quite possible.

I do not have the time to help actually operate AS.
I can offer to set up a reliable (pair of) systems using open source software, explain in detail the hows and why's of it and then pass on the actual operation to others. This is what i do in my job every day for much more mission critical systems, many of them that can not afford outages at all.

Dave, send me a pm if interested,


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This will be my last post/visit to here.

Server is paid for until 2017-05-14

Autoshite.info/fahl.us will be going down for good.

Cant take the stress anymore.

Message electric leyland if you want to take over the running of here.





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So, who has access to a valid backup we can use to restore from then? :)

Was it chaseracer from the last time? I know someone else had access to it with written instructions.


How hard will it be to build an open source/free forum and dump the db in? Do these things have compatibility issues or are they universal?


Or can we slip onto a managed service where we pay x a month to exist with some faceless company ensuring everything runs fine?


Or will electric_leyland make an appearance and have any ideas? He must know how it all works, he owns the dns info

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Woah woah someone needs to co-ordinate this - admins popping up everywhere, 3 days notice and a current admin who has cut off contact


Man the lifeboats!


We're on it, and hope to speak with EL this evening.


Please PM Billy or me if you can offer constructive/practical assistance.


Let's do this once and do it RIGHT.

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From .info:




Then why don't you post a financial statement so we can reimburse you, which you have been repeatedly asked for?

I thought this. Fair play, well done etc but surely the point should be that your not out of pocket?


"I say chaps, I had a bill for £600 recently to sort x out for a year, don't suppose anyone could help could they?" Then the paypal coffers would ring in because everyone knows where they stand

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      Seen on Facebook. No pics of the monza / manza

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