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My holiday photos


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Some nice stuff there.


I'm always hopeful of 'just stumbling across' some sort of classic car event on our French hol's. It hasn't happened yet, might have to do a bit pre-trip research this year.


Your shots neatly illustrate those wide French  paths either side of the road, ideal for quickly pulling onto and getting a photo of something interesting on a driveway.....

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      Hello Everyone
      So I thought I would make a topic about my YouTube channel and my cars and project. So for those who don't know 4 years ago I bought my first car a 1975 Rover P6 2.2SC manual and I made a video on the car and then I made another and another and it became popular ( God knows why LOL!) and people started subscribing and people really seamed to like what I was doing so I carried one and it never really stopped! So I created this topic to connect with some viewers and two see your cool projects and no it does not have to be a Rover! Mostly I just want to chat to people about there projects swap ideas and chat about cars and of course if you have a cool car that I could film that would be great =)  
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