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BMW E28, fucked, what happens now?


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At least here, it would not be a write-off:




Good condition 6400 - 8600 Euro for a good 525eta. And that prices are realistic. My brother in law is collecting E24 and E28, so I know a bit from his stories. 


I hope you get it repaired, not crushed. 

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Be aware that (AFAIK) you are obliged to declare to your current or any future insurer that you have made an insurance claim for the next 5 years, even though it wasn't your fault. I found out the hard way when my old Mondeo was hit by a bus at one of our depots. My employer paid me out a cheque for £350 no bother (the fair value of the car), but then my insurer bumped my premiums for the next two years, so I was pretty much back where I started, only with a cracked bumper on my Mondy that I had to re-gaffer-tape every 6 months.


I would ring your insurer, inform them of the no-fault accident, enquire if / how much they intend to bump your premium for the next 5 years, and add that sum on to your claim from the third party's insurer.

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We've been through this both ways and quite rightly as mentioned above, your premium will go up.


I also agree that getting it written off would be the best option in this case, you'll get a decent payout I'm sure and a car of that age there often hidden issues that only show up after a bump.


Screw them for everything you can because they will fit the next few years I'll guarantee it!!!!

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