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Oh lord...I just bought me another Mercedes Benz. Warning...Contains Modern(ish) content


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Guten tag people, I don't know if anyone is interested in me posting this here, as it is German....However, it is 15 years old now, so it might qualify for Autoshite?....


As some of you may, or may not know, I am a bit of a Mercedes Licker. So....Yesterday...whilst getting things together to get my CLK 430 sorted out & on the road, I accidentally stumbled across a......2002 on a 02 reg, Mercedes C220 CDi Avantgarde Saloon, Badermatic.....


3 owners from new, Nice blue/green colour,& non leather interior for added bonus shite points.

& has covered a relatively low mileage (for one of these) of 140,000 miles & has x8 service stamps in the book. some light rust on the front drivers wing, but it is not an eyesore. No warning lights on etc..



I will post some pictures up tomorrow, when i get it here....But for now, Here is an example picture of one in the same colour.




I have in the past owned a few W210 E classes, W211 E Class, CLK (W208 including current 430) & Older C Classes (W202) & A sprinter van, but, i have not had a W203 C Class, until now......WCPGW?..

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Looks nice. Essex registered originally I think. How much did you get it for?


My apologies Lord Sterling, that is NOT the actual one in the picture (It is pretty much identical to that though) I tried to upload a picture of it when i posted this thread, but it turned out very small??? So an example pic was required for now. Apologies. 

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Das Beste Oder Nicht! [/Mercedes Apologist]


I've heard that the later C-class is not a patch on the earlier E-class, but the NVH is much reduced over the '90's-era cars. [/apples to oranges]

I like the 1990's C-class a bit better, but that's ace even at twice the price. For the C-class, our only engine choices in California are a 2.8 or a 3.2 V6, one of the best engines in any car I've ever driven. I drive a '98 E320 wagon estate.

Cheers, and happy motoring!

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Here are some pictures of the above mentioned Mercedes Benz....Taken Today.


Very happy with it, It runs very nice, auto gearbox is creamy smooth. The bodywork is decent overall, it does have the usual Mercedes surface rust in places, but it is nothing that i am concerned about.


It needs a good wash, as it is covered in dust & the Mercedes fitted floor mats are here, just need to put them in.


So....overall, for an old 2002 car, it is in rather good running & driving order. 





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What do people do in their cars to get the seats so filthy? I know merc drivers are usually older, but incontinence can't explain all the stains!


lol...I am in no way incontinent.


I intend to give the seats a going over with some foam cleaner. 

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