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Mazda 323F For Sale Spears or Reapers! £90

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Nice,that's another car that just seemed to disappear overnight.

Some say that the 323 was designed by Ford as the mk1 Focus but someone bottled out at the last minute,and gave it to their business partner Mazda to release

There's a definite resemblance in the side on view

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These are great. There was about 417 323 variants in the 90's but I think this was the best looking.

When I worked in the wooly wool factory all the managers had company cars they had to loan us if we needed to go somewhere. One of them was one of these 323's and I always went for it as a first choice even after I came one milli second from dieing trying over take a bus  in it just outside Edinburgh. 

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Anyway, £300 is what it cost. Spur of the moment thing - spotted it, won the auction for the starting price then went straight over to collect. Hadn't planned on buying anything for a while, but just seemed too good to pass up especially as it does not seem to need anything doing and it was just down the road in South Shields. He had mentioned the clutch was a bit high, but it seems fine to me, and also a drop link would need doing, but that seems fine to me as well.


Other issues? Electric aerial is knackered and the passenger side door lock is broken so it only opens from the inside. Neither of these bother me in the slightest.


Pleasant surprises? Air con and electric tilt slide sunroof - all working! Bizarrely, despite having everything else it doesn't have remote central locking which seems odd.


Other than that it's been stood a while and needs a damn good clean and it stinks off stale baccy.

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Seven months in, and it's decision time. It needs a clutch doing sooner rather than later - I can't see it making it through the winter - plus ideally an alternator belt and the tyres have seen better days, too. Baring in mind I've just spent £250 on it in the last few months it's soon going to add up!


It's been a great little car but I think it may be time to move on. As nice as it is, it was obviously ran on a shoestring budget by the previous owner.

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