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The cars of UFO TV series


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After the earlier thread about FAB1 I thought I'd give some forum space to the cars of another Gerry Anderson show, UFO.  If you think that what's wrong with society today is there aren't enough silver catsuits and purple wigs, you're in the right thread.




It was made in 1969 but set in 1980 and whilst they missed the fact that Petula Clark would be advertising Talbot Sunbeams they did suggest that aliens would be invading earth and kidnapping humans for body parts, so at least they got that bit right.  The good guys were members of SHADO, Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organization, which is probably more difficult to join than it is to get off Virgin Media's mailing list.  Want to see the title sequence?



Woah, what's that brown beauty in there?



Phooarrr, it's fantastic!  And Ford thought the Sierra would be a bit too curvy in 1983?  What's it look like from the back?




I think I love it even more.  What's it like inside?



High tech communications too?



A brown and cream handset tells me everything I need to know.  And because this was a Gerry Anderson show, there were miniature versions to film too



ok, maybe not too convincing right now but in 1970 most of us didn't even have a colour TV set, it had a tiny screen and was positioned in the far corner of the room.  1080P?  Forget it.


They were designed by Derek Meddings who had done most of the production design for Gerry Anderson's shows, if you get the chance to buy his book 21st Century Visions then jump on it.  The special effects team was already well practised in making models for filming, but to produce a real car they gave it to Alan Mann Racing who the year before had built Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as well as their normal stuff of racing Fords.


The Ford connection was a bit handy as the UFO cars were based on Ford Zephyr running gear but with a 1600 Cortina engine.  UFO cars?  Yes, because as well as Straker's car above, Colonel Foster had this lilac stunnah






Christ, NCAP would knock off a star for pedestrian safety there, but it's still got gullwing doors so I could forgive it almost anything.


Enough of my ramblings, have some magazine scans from a few years ago and actually learn stuff other than my opinion.















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If you were a small boy in the early 70s, you would have the Dinky model of the Moonbase Interceptor.  You would be told off for firing the missile at your brother, because you might have put his eye out.  Then you would lose the missile.



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Around 4 or 5 years ago a chap called Sean Robinson having failed to persuade the owner of Strakers car to sell,persuaded him to let him take moulds off the car to make a full replica. At one point a Mike Brewer free Edd China was to get involved to help with its build. A shell was made and since then its all gone very quiet.

Dave Lee Travis owned the car in the late 70s and early 80s.post-20412-0-44461300-1489734996_thumb.jpg

It was then repainted with scenes from Ufo and gradually fell in to disrepair. Apparently it's now landlocked in a back garden and even if it could be retrieved it would have to be craned out of its resting place and it's now in an extremely dilapidated state.


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According to Google Fosters car is alive and road legal in Oz.Both of the six wheel security vehicles survived to (based on the Austin 1100),one in Italy that's complete and restored,the second was discovered last year in a boatyard in the Canaries in a poor state.It has been saved and is undergoing restoration.

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Note that by 1980 the UK had switched to driving on the right.  This was done in two phases. During the one year transitional period all the lorries and buses drove on the right while all the cars and bikes stayed on the left.


Seriously, though, how was the switchover done when Sweden did it in (IIRC) the 60s?  Maybe there were only 12 cars in Sweden then. When you cross from former French Imperial Africa to former British Imperial Africa, is there even more than usual mayhem at the border crossings? 




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Benedict Cumberbatch's mum kept her looks for a long time, but has become a tad mumsy of late, which is fair enough.  She appears in Sherlock as his, er ... mum.



Gabrielle Drake has aged very gracefully.   She is the sister of dead hippy popster Nick Drake.







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Cumberbatch Pere is also an actor, and was a handsome dude in his youth.  In Sherlock he plays Sherlock's dad.



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^ This is all new to me. I wish I was a young man in my early twenties in the 1960's though....


Most of the photos in the old thread are rodged, but this link still throws up an interestingly story. I wonder what happened to the replica? No news in around four years it would seem.




Edit: more info on the recreation here. Turns out it'll be a Jaaag under the fibreglass.



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I would love one of those 6 wheeler van type things that were in the show, I wonder what they were based on?


I seem to recall it was something BMC based. I think it was on the Austin/Morris/Riley/MG etc 1100/1300 (ADO16???) subframes with the rear doubled up and maybe the floorpan too as the proportions look about right.

I don't remember where I read this though so it may not be the case at all. 



Weird how we all feel a bit short-changed because 37 years on, life in 1980 and beyond aien't like it was prophesied to be on the telly in the 1970's!!! 

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