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Peugeot 106 1124cc anything to look for


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Today I was asked to look out for a decent low mileage car with a years ticket for under £400 for an elderly neighbours grandson to learn to drive in and won one on eBay and it looks a nice car and has only done 43000 with a good mot history etc etc


When looking for a Peugeot I obviously didn't want anything that contained the number 7 for added borkness so plumped for a 106 with a small 1100 petrol lump and I have to go and pick it up with the lads grandad on Saturday.


I didn't want to get involved really in case it comes back and bites me in two years time when it needs a tyre or something but I seem to get into these situations when people ask.


Obviously for £400 I wouldn't dream of taking it apart when we pick it up. If it was up to me at that price as long as it starts and stops that's good enough but I've now been asked to look over it so is there anything to generally look for on a 106.

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Issues I've personally had with them:


Serious rust around the rear subframe mounts - terminal.


Borked rear suspension with wheels looking thus: / \


Surging idle (warm it up!). "It's just the ICV mate, they all do that, they're only 20 quid on eBay". No, it's seldom the ICV, yes they do all do that and it's a bugger to trace the issue.


Other than that, decent enough first car.

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I managed with the pedals on mine and have size 9's. You learn to use the side of your foot on the throttle!


Rear axles and rot probably sum up 90 percent of potential issues. Great wee cars though. Steering very heavy if you don't have PAS but that shouldn't be a massive problem

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We picked the car up today and the car is a real gem luckily and is what you would expect from a decent low mileage motor and the owner was a real decent bloke and just gave us the keys and said take it out for a good spin.


The rear wheels are sitting nice and straight and the boot floor is perfect plus the underneath around the rear subframe looked like new.


The car hadn't been started in a month and we arrived about 20 minutes before the owner had arrived home and when we got the keys it started 1st time and sounds sweet as a nut.

The paintwork was flat and if it was mine I would give it a mop and wax to get it looking brand new again.


There was slight mayonnaise under the oil filler but none in the expansion tank or on the dipstick and we took it up the road and I tried the heater and it's nice and toasty so I myself put it down to moisture rather than gasket as its done no mileage since its mot in Jan and the car was being sold by the owners son as the elderly lady that owned the car has given up driving and it comes with reams of paperwork.


The only thing broken on it was the drivers mirror glass which I imagine would be about a fiver so a day spent on it and about £40 in service parts and a pressure wash and waxoil underneath will see this car as good as new again so being that a youngster has got it means it won't get serviced and will have a new stereo badly fitted sitting halfway out the dash and some nasty cheap alloys bolted on which will most probably be cheap scumtree specials with linglong tyres lol


But it's great news really as apparently the young lad loves the car and fingers crossed it should be a good little motor for him.

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