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Jim Bell

Peugeot 106 1.5D *!!Collected!!*

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Looking at Autodata, there is no wiring diagram for the 106, but there is for the Saxo 1.5D. Apparently there should be a resistor in parallel with the light. Which looking at this picture, should be the one near the bulb:



Given the past bodgery in the clocks, it might not still be connected either. Or even the lead from the alternator to the clocks may be broken too.

Also as per other posters posts, it entirely possible that the alternator is kippered too.


Here is the Saxo diagram. Almost certainly going to be the same wiring, but the pinout is probably different because French & PSA.


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Thanks Sic. That would make sense, even to me.


Ill be taking up Mister Cobblers kind offer of ALL THE FIX so the clockset will be winging its way south for fettling. If anyone can shepherd all the electrons up the right pipes, itll be that man.

After that, if we get a light and no charging, we go big with a new alternator and belt.


If that doesnt work, suicide and Ill leaving it in my will to a shitter that I love the least.

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Why does the speedo go up to 140? Preposterous.

that's a picture of the one on my old 106 XSi from about ten years ago


Anyway WW, I'm half done with the clocks but I had to put them to one side cos the gaffer was milling about. I should get them finished tomorrow probably.

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^^ WHS.


Yep, sadly the next owner of my 106 was less kind to it and all of the trims got frisbee'd off. He ran it into the ground and tried to advertise it in the state you see below on Bumtree for £250, with no M.o.T.



Was so tempted to buy it back but the silly price put me off.

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Can't really find a pic of my ph2 Zest 2 1.5D to share (seeing as that is what this thread currently seems to be lol)


Here it is in front of my mates old car. He also owned the Pug at this stage:




And here is my SICK stealth cup holder mod:




I bought a GTi kit and interior for that car and was going to create a GDi. :-)

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Those Mk2 106's look utterly poverty-stricken with black bumpers, don't they? 

If I had one, I'd deffo do that upgrade.


Mk1's look so much more honest somehow.


Yeah, the facelift doesn't hide the cars humble origins.

I would have fitted the kit, but I never realised the rear arch profile would need to be drastically changed (hadn't thought too much about it) and didn't want to introduce rust to a very clean and trustworthy car that had been in known hands for the previous 8 years.


The GTi seats made a huge difference, mind. I also fitted pop-out rear windows so I could have roof bars and the additional cycle carriers #not4scene

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