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6 minutes ago, timolloyd said:

Bloody hell. 380 miles a day, for a year? Must have been a pool taxi of some sort. The engine was never cold!

I’m thinking it was maybe a shuttle vehicle for Eastern Europeans? Not stereotyping, serious question.

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On 1/21/2023 at 11:37 AM, greengartside said:

Well I had to see this one to believe it.

2010 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Ghia just came into scrap.


Opened the door and checked the mileage….


Yes, that’s 458,633 miles on the clock. Astonishingly it did an incredible 140,000 miles in one year!


Those 2.0 TDCI engines are actually brilliant when looked after, that car is living (or rather not now!) proof of it :)

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1 hour ago, Gaffer said:


Do I win some kind of award for achieving this mileage in a Discovery 3? 

You win a certificate of achievement. But the real high mileage disco award goes to the guy that got over 700k out of his. 3 engines later……

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8 minutes ago, Rust Collector said:

Just checked the dash of my Disco.


Could be total mileage, cost of ownership over 1.1 miles or how many crankshafts it’s had since new, not sure yet 🤔😅

1.1 miles, that's not the trip computer, it's the distance since the engine management light last illuminated 😉

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Not a huge mileage compared to many on this thread but noteworthy. Fortunately I had a passenger* with me to record it.



180k miles is not really unusual, especially for a diesel. But this is an old school 1.5 non turbo diesel fitted in this



I doubt there are many higher mileage AX about.

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On 5/6/2023 at 10:30 PM, outlaw118 said:

And having seen her, you could comfortably halve that and nobody would bat an eyelid. Don't flog it to Quentin Wilson (allegedly)

Sorry, I meant to reply to you much earlier; thankyou very much for your kind comments! 

Mechanically, she's sorted. It would be great to do some cosmetic stuff, but the thing is I don't want to alter the original paint really. 

Every bump and scrape tells a story!

She does need an interior deep clean and an external polish! 


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