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Saab topless turbo roffle...£10 a go...winner takes all!!!

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I know there's a few going on at the minute but would there be any interest in a roffle for the ex-cavcraft ex-pillock ex-someone else from here I think but can't remember who Saab 9-3 Turbo floppytop?

I bought it from Pillock about a year ago for the F-I-L for the princely sum of £600.

Since then, it's had a fair bit of welding done for the test, the sump dropped and cleaned, new Apec discs and pads all round and one of those steering brace things fitted.

It could do with a couple of tires on the front (if I can dig a couple of part worns out of the pile in the corner, I'll put them on) and also the private plate has been raped for his new Peugeot as he's grown attached to it so as of this morning it's back on a 51 plate. Other than that, it's not a bad old thing at all...

If there's no love here for it, I'll give it a damned good valet and stick it online when the sun comes out but I'd rather it lived on in the community if anyone wants to take it on.

Price is £600 or £10 a ticket.....don't all shout at once!

I'll take a couple of pics when I get back from Scenic collection duties in SVM land this weekend but there's already a few pics of it floating around sonewhere from last time (It's the grey/silvery one).... :-)

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That's the badger!! Cheers for that Jazoli....it's pretty much the same other than the reg which is now CN51JXD (or at least it will be once I make a set up in the morning...).

If anyone's interested in an outright purchase, shout up...in the meantime, I'll set up a list of potential victi...err, lucky new owners.

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1. Bavarian Retro



4. robinmasters




8. Fat_Pirate





13. Breadvan72






19. robinmasters




23. WilsonWilson




27. 95 quid peugeot

28. gadgetgricey






34. barmatt




38. 95 quid peugeot




42. Breadvan72

43. DeeVee8

44. Fat_Pirate

45. stephen01











56. Disco Fever

57. The Moog

58. The Moog

59. Bavarian Retro

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Now updated....roll up, roll up, numbers going quick, soon be summer etc etc....who the hell am I kidding? Just had to scrape an inch of frost of the thing so I can move it away from the garage door. God knows why you mad bastards want to win a convertible in January. This place....

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Ahh yes. Good questions well asked, m'learned friend.

MOT is around the back end of May I believe, just in time to piss all over your bonfire when the sun comes out. It had a damned good fettling for the last one including all new pads and discs which were an advisory the previous year and a bit of sparkly stick action where the damp had got in and melted the floor through the previous leaky roof. Did I mention I'm led to believe it had a new roof in the past few years? No, thought not....

Seriously though, I can't see it needing much if anything. The handbrake is shit (not shite. shit) but I'll have a poke around at that before it goes anywhere. Otherwise, it's not unpleasant to look at...

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Guest Breadvan72

Thanks for that.  Where is this archetype of automotive awesome located?


EDIT:   Doh, Burnley ish.  My missus' last heap came from near there.  If I won this, I would give it to Mrs BV.

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      Don't think I need any more than those smiles to sell it.
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      Mk2 Mondeo 2.0i Zetec, 44k miles, on ST170 alloys plus comes with a set of original spec 5-spoke alloys on duff tyres. MOT til 27/5/2020, some history and a recent battery.
      There are a few marks (pictured), the rear arches aren't too far gone and it has had welding done on the sills.
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      It has been sitting a month or so due to the diesel Proton's arrival and I could really do with the cash (unless someone has a carb-fed Proton saloon kicking about in which case I'll sell my arse instead).
      Advertised elsewhere for £525, £400 on here with shiters discocunt applied.
      Car is in Paisley, Scotland, four minutes walk from Paisley Canal station.

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