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The road to discovery... Rovering onwards

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Well Bertie is home. He's had:


  • Cambelt Kit
  • Waterpump
  • Oil, filter & coolant service
  • Breather hose (was borked)
  • Aux Belt
  • New ECU
  • New Coil Packs
  • Autobox fluid change (done once, but still not the right colour after a bit of mileage!)


My wallet is now considerably lighter, and I'm fully expecting a call from the bank manager on Monday morning. However, it's a much nicer car to drive now. First thing I've noticed is that it runs a lot quieter! Whether thats the belts or not I don't know - but could be something to do with the new coil packs too. Aircon used to whine after a bit, which I'd assumed was a partly cooked condenser or whatever,  but that whine has disappeared now so I'm assuming it was the aux belt.


Happy chap.

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Had a smashing day out at Gaydon BMC Day again this year - it seems the only event I ever get to!


Some photos of the day:



Also here's a photo I took of Bob (the diesel 75) probably around 4 years ago, not long after buying him:
Well, after meaning to do it for ages, I've been out today and tried to do the same photo with Bertie (the V6). Not quite the same angle, and much more foliage as it's a summer vs winter shot!

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Great show, enjoyed it last year. Would love to go back.


I love how eclectic it is. Weirdly there were a load of VW / Audi / Pineapplers there this year too, but they kept all of them away to the far side with their silly chavvy music blaring out punctuated by the sound of VW PD engines hitting the limiter.


But yes - loads of really really good stuff on show too :)

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Little project on this morning while I've got some time off work. My dad bought a 75 tourer last year which came with a walnut / sandstone wheel that the previous owner had bought and then realised it was wrong (his car is smoke stone trim). He gave it to me last year and I had it fitted to my 75. However it was one of those Chinese imported ones from SAIC and it showed. The leather didn't match, the wood was plastic & the quality was abysmal.


Today I finally got round to fitting an early genuine Rover wheel (ashamedly stolen out of my diesel 75) to make everything match.








Check the quality of the Chinese components:





And the difference in colour between the two wheels:



And finally, the finished article:


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Blimey - haven’t updated this since last July.


Good news: No breakdowns despite having out 4K miles on it since Gaydon last year.


Bad news: 3 MOT failure items this year. To be honest it’s my own fault as I knew about all of them, but bunged it in for the test anyway. Windscreen washer pump had given up, a rear coil spring had cracked (I had heard it go BOING and assumed a spring had gone), and sill corrosion around the near side rear jacking point. All sorted as well as a full service and going over.


Total spend now north of £6000 (including purchase) but I *think* it’s pretty much perfect, at least mechanically.

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Update, although there's not all that much to update. The car has seen me through a job change recently, which has meant racking up a few miles and a few day trips etc... We're now sitting at 115,550 miles and running beautifully.

I think I'm ready to turn my attention to the cosmetic issues that require sorting. It needs a new front and rear bumper due to previous (bodged?) repairs by (or on behalf of) the previous owner. However Damson red wasn't exactly the most common colour and finding bumpers with the correct holes for headlamp washers & rear parking sensors is proving difficult. I also need a couple of interior bits - namely the kick strips that are renowned for coming away as people enter and exit the vehicle. One day it'll be one of the best 75s still on the road.

On the whole, I don't think he's looking too shabby...






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Yes crown alloys

For me this is the perfect spec of 75. Pre project drive (although Longbridge built), Connie SE with all the toys and the 15" crown wheels. I've had 17" serpent wheels on a previous 75 but they really do affect the ride quality.


Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

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Time for a bit of an update. Starting to feel like after 3 years I'm finally making significant headway with this car, and it's getting to the point of very much being a 'rolling resto'.

The car has needed a little bit of TLC this week in the form of gearbox solenoid thingies & upon investigation NSF lower wishbone / balljoint / associated bushes needed some immediate attention. - another relatively significant outlay on an old car.

Since buying the car it now stands me in at a grand total of £5809.45. A brief recap of the work carried out is as follows:

  • Buying the sodding thing
  • Track Rod Ends
  • Front Top Mounts
  • Full (custom / stainless) Exhaust (inc cat)
  • OSF lower suspension arm + bushes
  • Aircon investigation / regass
  • Full timing belt kit / water pump / ancillaries
  • Auxiliary belt
  • Engine breather hoses / system
  • Replacement ECU
  • Gearbox fluid flush & change
  • Thermostat replacement
  • 2x Rear coil springs
  • Wiper blades
  • OSR jacking point sill repair
  • Gearbox fluid flush & change
  • NSF lower suspension arm + bushes
  • Set of Goodyear tyres
  • Gearbox investigation / replacement of solenoid set
  • General servicing x3

This works out at an average of £264.07 per visit to the garage - relatively happy with that, although as I'm a total mechanical ignoramus, I do have suck up the hourly rate of my local MGR specialist (he's very worth it though!).

My attention really must turn towards the car's cosmetics next. Both front and rear bumpers are grotty in places - it looks like they've both had previous fibreglass repairs. Also some idiot wheeled a trolley into the rear quarter which has left a small dent, and there are some slightly unsightly scratches (although no dents) on the NSR door from the previous owner. From 10 yards away the car looks lovely, but when you're up close there's definitely things that could be improved.

Onwards and upwards!

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