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Fill Your Boot with car mags

messerschmitt owner

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I have perhaps 12ft-14ft of shelf space of car mags from the late 60s to the late 2000s. Lots of Car and Classics, lots of Classic Cars, quite a lot of Car and Motor mags too. Free tea, free coffee, free biscuits, free chat, free magazines, free collection. 


Will I sort them out? Will I f***? You come with car boot empty of all those spares you think you may need but never do. You don't bring the kids as they take up valuable car magazine space. You don't bring the mrs as she will just complain about the fact that 1. you have driven miles to collect some shitey car mags and 2. they're going home, where you will fill the bog with them and subsequently take three hour dumps.*


Collection only from the Forest - note, all other forests are mere imitations of THE Forest! That's the Forest just off the M50 and M5, but you knew that as there is only one true Forest. We're almost in Wales and the sheep run free here. The boars don't just live in the Forest, they live in the villages too, and thanks to the huge quantity of magazines available and only sheep to keep us company, we can rattle off all the vital statistics of a Hillman Imp Californian and tell the differences between an LX and a Ghia.


Fill your boot - Special offer: take one magazine, get two free.


Message me (but not when your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/sheep is about). If there are no takers I may be forced to get rid of them at the Forest Dump. Save them from that fate and take then now! Make it your New Year resolution to help clear my shelves.  DO IT NOW!


*please note, I am not responsible for any marital disharmony as a result of you taking my shite and making it your shite.

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leave them in the boot, unless you need to space to hide the wife?

Hoovers stay in my boot for weeks before I start sneaking them in! There's a miele s4 in there right now in fact! Must sort that and offer it up here... You'd fit alot more mags in a boot than hoovers too

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