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Felly Fav and Trum. *Favorit gets a respray*


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Well you're a bunch of clever clogs aren't you. No one likes a smart arse.


If you will indulge me anyway I shall continue the slow reveal.


When I first saw the pictures I thought the white wheels were probably a rattle can refurb job (that's how I would have done it being the shoddy shodster I am). I thought I'd put them back to silver but a better silver than Skodas original rather matt finish.




Turns out though they've been really well powder coated and no kerbing anywhere. Even the spare has been done. So they are staying white.

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I found this thanks to member egg on here who posted a copy of the advert from Facebook on the ebay tat thread last week. I'm not on Facebook so asked egg if he could pass my details on.


At first it looked like bad news as the chap said someone was coming to see it. After a couple of days I gave up hope and started watching a GLXIe in Norwich. Then got a message from egg to say it was available again so a meeting was arranged. The first sight I had of it looked like this:




Interesting place he has. It also contains the following.










So I couldn't see that much of it from where it was, couldn't even get up the sides but when he haggled himself down without me even saying anything I decided to have it without even having heard it run. Talk then turned to the many Rovers in his collection and that I had a ZT-T that would need disposing of and he was happy to take it off my hands.


Some may think going from the MG to the Å koda is a downward step but the MG's clutch is shot, it has no history of the belts being done and a few weeks ago I put a big dent in the sill because I'm an idiot. Any one of these jobs on their own would cost more than the car is worth and I fancy a change.

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I went to Mlada Boleslav En route to Auschwitz a few years back. Did a solo trip on my bike. Went to the Skoda museum, got talking to a nice lady there a mentioned to her via German and English that I thought they meant 'concept' vehicle not 'concrete'. Also went to Kutna Hora to the ossuary.

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He texted me later in the day to say he'd extricated it (many cars needed moving). Also said it was running a bit rough on low revs but picked up once it got going. Nothing to worry about, it's been stood a couple of years and it's an early one on a carb. It's only done 27k so I'm sure it's nothing serious. So an MOT was booked for this afternoon and I spent a couple of afternoons after work tinkering (it's only seven miles away). Spent yesterday afternoon trying to free a seized calliper.


So today was the day. I took the MG up there and took the Å koda away. Seems a bit odd leaving the MG behind as I've had it five years and it is, if not quite unique, certainly very distinctive. The only other one I've seen was at Pride of Longbridge a couple of years ago, never actually seen another on the road in that colour. Still, I've gone from one distinctive car to another. I'm not likely to lose the Favorit in a car park either.


The changeover.




Obligatory collection thread petrol station shot. But is this the first one with attendant service!post-20743-0-57983000-1487707003_thumb.jpg


Arrival at the MOT station.



There's always something odd lurking in the corner of my friendly local MOT place. This time it's some lhd wreck of an E type with the bonnet missing.





The car is still very kangarooy at low revs. Feels like an air leak on the carb. I'm not familiar with Pierburgs yet, I'm an SU man, but I'll have to learn. However putting the gas analyser on showed it is running very weak. This could of course be due to an air leak but the first thing to do will be to just richen the mixture and see what happens.


The rest of MOT went quite well. Couple of little jobs. Rear brake imbalance, exhaust mounting rubber, tighten steering rack mount, OSR fog light (it's a bad earth, they do strange things when you put the reverse lights on). Very solid, no rust anywhere. The guys in the garage were quite impressed once they'd stopped laughing and shaking their heads.


Tucked up at home in my garage awaiting some TLC.




More to follow tomorrow. You will love the interior.

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WOW, what a stunner! Did the vendor also have the 309 in the background?

Yep, the 309 was one of his. He says he's having a bit of a clear out and more of the fleet would be for sale soon. He as two units full of this stuff apparently and is trying to get it down to just one place as he's saving for a house deposit.

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I went to Mlada Boleslav En route to Auschwitz a few years back. Did a solo trip on my bike. Went to the Skoda museum, got talking to a nice lady there a mentioned to her via German and English that I thought they meant 'concept' vehicle not 'concrete'. Also went to Kutna Hora to the ossuary.

The Czechs like their ossuaries don't they? We went to one in Brno.

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Yes I've had a mk2, feels like a totally different beast. This one feels a lot older inside (being brown helps that).


The later cars are definitely a better prospect for everyday use but I'd been looking for a good one for ages and this was too good and too close (and too interesting) to turn down.


I won't be putting huge mileage on it. My daily commute is 2.3 miles each way which it will be sharing with the Triumph and the I'll use it for the odd longer trip but the Felly is the main car.

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Mrs Misfit once had one of these, so just showed her the pictures.


"Tell him about the interchangable buttons" she said. Ah yes, back when I was being passengered around I used to amuse myself by swapping the buttons on the dashboard etc around, so when she wanted the lights the hazards came on etc. I thought it was hilarious fun...those long winters just used to fly past.


General memory was it was quite a fun drive, the alloys were porous so you had to pump up the tyres every few days, but it never let her down. I once took it down to London for work cos my car was broken (it was a Renault at the time!). My boss was down there and wanted a lift back up north....but elected to take public transport when he saw it. 


Yours looks a lot better then the one we had! Top swap.

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Thanks. My old one had buttons like that too. They just used fall off if you pressed them to vigorously. I like the fact that they are so big and square though. They have a nice positive feel when they don't fall off. There's a few spare ones in the boot too.


My one and only drive in it so far showed it to be quite fun once you got past the kangaroo stage and that could be negated with a few extra revs and feathering the clutch in.


I've found the cause of the brake imbalance. One of the wheel cylinders is shot. New ones on order.

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Little update.


All the MOT jobs are done except the rear fog light. Hoping that's just an earth. Started looking at the carb. Luckily there was a spare, if rather ropey looking, one in the boot. So armed with that and the Haynes manual I bought at a boot sale about five years ago on the off chance it might come in handy one day and google I started learning about Pierburgs.


The spare carb came in handy as all the photos are from different angles so I could orientate myself with this then find the relevant bits on the one on the car.





After some messing around I found this:




This is the vacuum advance pipe that runs from carb to distributor. This split was right where it joins the carb. Luckily the spare carb had this pipe intact and a whole lot more flexible. The one on the car is very brittle.


So I've swapped that and I am going to richen the mixture slightly anyway now I know where the screw is as I know it was running very weak. Won't know if it's worked for a while as it's currently in the garage with two other cars and some bins in the way. It runs and revs fine when it's just sitting there in neutral, the problem only occurs under load and only briefly as you pull away.


If this doesn't work it's probably a blocked jet but I don't want to delve that deep yet.

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Nice red interior through full length Britax (not Webasto) sunroof. Why don't all cars have red interiors, it's such a nice place to sit.


Ah, you see... I used to have a nice white Triumph 2000 mk1 with a red leather interior. Was driving to a business meeting on a hot sweaty summer's day and when I arrived the back of my smart white shirt had turned red. Oh how they laughed.

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So I've reassembled the carb and the idle speed has gone up about 300rpm and it feels smoother so I'm hoping something has happened. I'll see where the idle speed settles when it's warmed up but that's easy enough to adjust. The only way to find out is to take it out.



So moved on to the fog light. It failed on two counts. The foglight itself and the warning light on the dash. I was hoping fixing the light would complete the circuit and make the warning lamp work too. I was hoping for a simple earth fault and to not have to start chasing broken wires especially as the Haynes manual says no colours were supplied by Å koda for the wiring diagram!



So I took the rear trim panel off and found this:



Then I did this:



And bingo.



Don't you just love it when that happens.


Even better, when I first switched them on the warning light didn't come on and I thought I was going to have to take the instrument cluster out. Then it woke up as I was looking at it. Brilliant, job done.


Coffee time now. Then go and clean the garage up, move two cars, though being Sunday lunchtime the road is full of visiting cars, so that could be awkward, then take it for a quick spin.

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Ok, so the carb problem isn't entirely solved but it feels a bit better and is drivable. I've richened it three times, half a turn at a time but I don't want to keep doing it if the problem is elsewhere. It's easy enough to drive round the problem even if it makes you look like an old giffer (lots of revs and clutch slipping). Perhaps I should get myself an old man's hat.


Anyway that will do for now. Hopefully retest tomorrow then I can use it properly and sort the running out once it's on the road.

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Some detail shots.





Å koda logo embossed in wing mirrors is a nice touch.





And mudflaps. Thought about painting the lettering white. Or is that over Barrying it?




And on the sunroof. The lines in the roof are the built in ariel. Another smart touch.




And the armrests are embossed too. There's no doubting it's a Å koda.


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Ohhhh - good thread! Your Felicia looks lovely and I would concur that it is amongst the best left in the country from the pictures you've posted. 


I'm pleased that Favorit has found a good home as it has been on and off eBay quite a bit in recent times. It is a rather rare early model so worth preserving. It would be great to see either car at Skodafest in May - http://skodaowners.org/event/skodafest-2017/  - and whilst looking at the Skodafest page, do take a look around our Club's website. We have a growing number of members with growing collections of Favorit spares to help keep these cars on the road in the UK. 


I shall keep checking back for updates! 

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The afformentioned big square buttons. I love these.




Even the stalks are square.




Big black rubber spoiler is essential when laying down all 61 horses in a hurry! Trapezoid heated rear window element is smart. No reason for it, just pure design.




Unfortunately some horrible speakers have been cut into the parcel shelf. They're not even wired up. I have a nice spare one in the loft but it's black. So, question is, do I have a nice shelf the wrong colour or the right colour but with these monstrosities in?



I read in a period review that it was not advisable to use the door bins to shut the door. I should say! They appear to be made of the same material as margarine tubs. The faded plastic bit in the end of the armrest is the door handle.




Love the 3D numberplates too. The rear one in particular seems to be an odd size. And no makers marks spoiling their purity.




You may have guessed I'm quite pleased with my purchase.

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  • Yoss changed the title to Felly Fav and Trum. *Favorit gets a respray*

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