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Felly Fav and Trum. *Colour Clash*

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Was browsing ebay the other day just seeing if there was any unusual or interesting Favorit stuff about when I came across this.IMG_20190630_160856.thumb.jpg.0e907f8c35a657552c76de5f9e0e6cdb.jpg

A single piece of card for £2.95. Seems a bit toppy.


But it opens out into this. IMG_20190630_160937.thumb.jpg.4387366d7651e50ad07abea1980d8ee5.jpgCut out card kits of two mk1 Favs (one in beige, lovely) and a Czech bus. IMG_20190630_160954.thumb.jpg.5363b6912d0ed2789050577797562e0e.jpg

The instructions are a bit patchy and entirely pictorial (not that I'd be able to understand them if there was any writing). IMG_20190630_161045.thumb.jpg.7b8c46fe8857aa2d0ac4e814ae4a6b71.jpgBut it seems there's an easy and a hard way to do it. The easy way is to do the simple box (there can't be many cars more suitable to being made from card) or you can cut away the undercarriage and make a little chassis. But you have to make your own wheels from wooden baton or rolled up card not supplied. 

You can also have opening doors boot and bonnet. There's a representation of the engine bay and the doors are folded so they have door trims and you can see a bit of the seats if you go for the door open option. IMG_20190630_161103.thumb.jpg.fc4b6be935e507a2bf6875250a306c04.jpg

The coach has many option too. IMG_20190630_161119.thumb.jpg.2ecd06ca4ef1d44c14bfc6112fa09c2d.jpg

And to top it all, they are 1:87 HO scale so will fit in with my model railway when I finally get it set up. Having said that, I'll probably never build them. They seem a lot of faff and take up a lot less room  unbuilt. It just seemed like a nice thing to have and for £2.95 including postage I couldn't really say no. 

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Does this car look like it's laughing to you? IMG_20190731_074335.thumb.jpg.e890cccb42089fdac6b9c3170f281ffc.jpgBecause it is bloody well taking the piss. 

It hasn't been out in a while, not since the steering work on the previous page in fact. I should use it more but I have to move two Skodas, two wheelie bins (I'm sure I've lined up some sort of old fashioned Skoda joke for someone there) and unlock a gate to get it out. And it's permit parking round here on weekdays so the Skodas have to go back on the drive and quite frankly I'm too lazy to do it too often. 

The steering feels great now, most of the slack has gone (not all but it's a fifty year old Triumph so it should have some) but the horn had stopped working. So I've spent the last two afternoons trying to sort this. Okay, not the whole afternoons but an hour or so each day. Checked all the connections, they all seemed fine.

Looked at the fuses. Both of them. Yes this car only has two fuses, one for the permanently live stuff and one for the stuff that goes through the ignition. Except the headlights of course, they're not fused at all, I mean why would you? 

Fusebox. IMG_20190731_074551.thumb.jpg.c0e169fb2d3fa31f634269152b4baa5c.jpgI checked both fuses several times and swapped them over with each other and the spare but to no avail. Tried wacking the horns with a trolley jack handle as the diaphragms can stick if they're not used for a while. Again nothing. So back to the wiring. I don't have a multi meter (really should get one) so I start bypassing sections with other bits of wire. Wired a horn straight to the battery and jumped visibly as I wasn't expecting it to work, but it did. 

So I know the horns themselves work. Next we start tracing the wiring from the wheel to the Fusebox (my phone seems to automatically capitalise Fusebox). It's always fun trying to lie in the foot well looking up, again bypassing bits with another wire. Whilst trying various things I noticed the interior light wasn't working either. This is also on the permanent live side which made me doubt my ability to check fuses so I went back to those, this time replacing them completely with bits of wire but nothing. 

Having got bored with the horn I thought I'd have a look at the interior light. Unlike most cars, the light and the switch are separate with the light being in the centre of the roof (or in my case further back because of the sunroof) IMG_20190731_074413.thumb.jpg.afbe169d2786962d5bd7a0866555df2b.jpgand the switch is a toggle switch on the dashboard IMG_20190731_074455.thumb.jpg.b9e90a7480c022d4bd727c95bfcfd3fe.jpg

I didn't have the screwdriver I needed to hand so I walked back to the garage, about three car lengths, to get one. By the time I got back to the car the light was on! IMG_20190731_074438.thumb.jpg.ce1af066e6a11bb4d7a57f328bd242e3.jpgSo I picked up a bit of wire and struck it across from brass pickup to the steering wheel (the horn push itself having been removed as part of the investigation) the thing only bloody worked didn't it. Bastard thing. I mean I'm pleased it worked but it's annoying when it works because it wants to and not because of anything I did. 

This is what you get for not using it. Old cars like being used and this was its way of reminding me not to ignore it. 

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 Who needs a van?

Needed some shelving for the loft. The back seats come out in about two minutes and the only thing stopping it being mere seconds is having to squeeze the rear seat belts out through the gap between the squab and the seat back. Then I thought about folding the front seat flat but it's only four bolts to remove it completely, with no wires to worry about so I thought what the hell. 


This gave me nearly 9 feet of almost flat floor which swallowed the 2.5 metre lengths of furniture boardIMG_20190711_192945.thumb.jpg.b7cf597bd1bee27d7c813244a581b9c4.jpgwith several inches to spare IMG_20190711_193007.thumb.jpg.bb33e048ba0e17d0c73d8a79e7da78b6.jpg

These are now in the loft like so:IMG_20190808_173441.thumb.jpg.f9363fda6d70e6d13593bd47ab4292c8.jpg

The idea being to clear all the shite in boxes, just out of shot, off the floor and onto these shelves. The reason for the gap between the upper two and lower two shelves is because that's where the trains are going to go. More on this in Miniature Railwayshite in the coming weeks. 


One thing that was evident is that when you remove all the seats (all but one obvs) from a car that only has 61hp that it makes a noticeable difference to performance. It felt really spritely going up to B&q. It made me start wondering what else I could strip out of the car, to make a super-lightweight special but the answer is very little when you've got a Favorit! 

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My friend turned up today with his new Skoda. The colour clash with mine was rather striking. 


The green was so bright that in direct sunlight my potatocam was unable to cope and turned it white whilst darkening my Fav. 


Works better in the shade but this thing has a radioactive glow.

IMG_20190921_111857.thumb.jpg.b961160074ee5bc251b30e6974b7d85a.jpgIMG_20190921_111937.thumb.jpg.764e652052afb53c02e19048f909ac45.jpgIMG_20190921_112110.thumb.jpg.293dbb42c4e18753a3cde67fc7509e43.jpgI'm used to my car being the brightest thing around but not any more. 

Two green Skodas. Two very different green Skodas. IMG_20190921_113024.thumb.jpg.1dc2a6e54fa896945b860acf7759d9f4.jpgPlus bonus Matiz action from next door! 

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My mate's on his third one so he would say so. He loves them. He's moved on to Fabia and a Seat Ibiza but said wanted another on as they are more fun. Though he tells me they've stopped making the Skoda and Seat in petrol form and if you want a new one you'll have to buy a VW. He got this cheap as the dealer already had this one and apparently the colour is a little* niche. A quick look at the Skoda configurator last night still has them on there but trying to add some of the options wasn't possible suggesting you can only buy the ones they've already built. 

They are still going to be available in electric form, (the VW Up already is) but not petrol. I don't know if that's a good idea but I'll bet it's not Skodas decision. All three marques come off the same line so it would cost nothing to keep it going. This sounds like a ploy by VW to keep sales of the Up going. 

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