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Land Rover resto - new project and Sandy p25


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lets bring Southpaw up to date 
Episode 6 is right here with all the Demonitised content
You chaps happy with videos or would you prefer photos and text also? It does duplicate the video but .....
Personally, I really appreciate watching your videos and imagine they already take a lot of extra work (and frustration) without having a write-up as well.

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I love these videos, Richard. Feels more immersive than pics/text would be, partly as you tend to explain what you're actually doing while doing it. Helps my little brain grasp it.

Sweary man in a shed in Devon, surrounded by BL chod. Big thumbs up from me.

Looking forward to the HGF update!

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12 minutes ago, richardthestag said:

it was the Robin !! ?

I do try to edit them out but I can be quite flatulent

write ups will continue :D

The Robins in our garden seem to have decided their territories to include one of the "awaiting restoration" vehicles in each territory.

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write up on Southpaw :D

spent an age cleaning gloop off the drivers side inner wing, sticky oil, sand and mud. Used a screw driver and wire brush to loosen stuff and an air blow gun to shift it.

Then I used some eastwood spray paint prep that the owner of the car had already bought. very effective but some nasty chemicals!


The paint which is 121 chassis paint from rust.co.uk and applied with a 2mm paint gun running at 75-80psi ish. very tough but quite orange peely. exactly what the customer wanted! And I think it looks good too


Autosparks couldn't help with changing the lhd loom to rhd, shame. Gave up wasting any more time and bought a complete loom* from a 1993 200tdi Range Rover. Alas it arrived without engine/gearbox and door looms. Those were extras..... double alas they had sold the engine and gearbox looms but I managed to snaffle the door looms for an additional £50.


Repair panels for the inner wing were sourced from YRMIT.Co.uk, dirt cheap but accurate cut. Wish I had gone this way with the drivers side. Just cut the lot out and weld new in, no chasing holes


Tag welded it in as it is on the original spot weld lines and is also not structural...


prep and paint finished it off nicely 


installed the bulkhead loom into place, the old body (front - back) looms are hanging off the rear view mirror


dropping the headlining one side at the time gave me the space to route the body loom through to the back end of the car


indicator units were spliced into the new loom using crimped bullets and quality sleevies


for the rear light units, I cut the prep 1991 connectors  off the original body loom and then spliced them onto the new loom. This allowed me to locate the splice inside the car rather than with the elements


2nd hand but working boge unit finally arrived. had to remove top and bottom ball joints, fit the refurbed top joint and then get it in the car


and that's it ! rear suspension complete. Just need to finish the brakes and get the propshaft on and I can drop the back end back onto the ground


Today, no pics sorry.

Fitted up the rear brake lines and pads

bled the brakes throughout.

Fitted the rear prop

then removed the old engine and gearbox loom and scratched me head for a while

Oh and found that the fuel line and return are protected where they cross 2cm above the exhaust by tin foil!


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On 10/26/2019 at 4:45 PM, richardthestag said:

thanks mon brave

Re yootoob money and I demonetised due to lack of followers and profanity. Couldn't care less about that anyway as the adverts just get in the way ;)

Yes I am pulling together a HGF video and currently uploading episode 5 of Project Southpaw which what you have read above is the spoiler.

It's criminal that you're not benefiting in a fiduciary sense from these videos.  As well as learning a lot from them, I still laugh every time you say seal then make the 'ow-ow' noise.  See also 'fnarr fnarr' after anything vaguely rude-sounding.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been a while sorry

Episode 2-5 of the HGF are on yootoob, it is working now 8-)

Piccy update is as follows

all this is to replace the 3 core/freeze plugs down each side of the engine block

On the drivers side, the starter motor and engine mount need to be removed. Engine mount was tired :lol:

The heat shield that protects the starter from exhaust heat was broken. Fix was easy and dare I say elegant*

for something that is hidden from view

Next is the passenger side, again engine mount needs to be removed, again it was tired

5 of the 6 core plugs were very tired, this is one of the better ones :evil:

heads were skimmed <5thou, responded well. Engine will be reassembled with composite gaskets which are more forgiving and thicker than OE tin gaskets. So compression ratio should be ok. :geek:

assembled valves after re grinding the seats. Of course valve, spring, collets all went back into the hole from where they came from

assembled exhaust manifolds because I thought it would make life easier. It didn't on the passenger side head but did on the drivers side. so all square on that then

camshaft was next to go in, along with timing gear. did this before heads went on as dead easy to see top dead centre

once chain fitted, the heads went on and were torqued down... except for the outer row of bolts on each head

More coming

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part deux on the HGF fix

old engine mounts were temporarily fitted so I could get the heads on, then they had to be removed for replacement with a new OE product that is almost certainly made from butter

timing cover was cleaned and oil pump built up with new parts. Original water pump was fitted with new gasket and quite a bit of instant gasket, the water pump was leaking before. Making sure it doesnt again

all goes together easily but is very time consuming

once the oil pump is primed, the distributor can be installed and the engine can be started. Bit of a faff because rotor was one tooth out. Got there in the end. Then a small misfire which turned out to be a dodgy injector connector on #1 injector

ignition timing set, then installed cooling fan and cowl. Next is to bed the new cam in. 2k rpm for 20 mins

It did use a little coolant, pressure tester found two leaks, bottom hose and hose to the LPG vaporiser

temporary snow fun

Original LPG fault that blew the plenum inlet pipe apart was due to one dodgy wire on this connector. pulled the crimp connector out, soldered a wire to it and then connected it back together.

Victory 400 mile drive found performance to be improved. torque is impressive again (not that it wasn't before) economy is no different at all, even though I was <2.5k rpm for the 400 mile test.

Bottom hose is leaking slightly at the radiator and the heads need retorquing. Else that is it!

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with that ^^^ distraction, not a huge amount of time has been on Southpaw. Mrs is glad that I am back on it and that money is coming in again :P

diagnosed the 5 connectors that go to the engine and gearbox. Identified which I need and made up a loom specifically for the 200tdi LT77 setup this car has. Just need to connect it into the main loom :P

Finished off installing rear light electrics

head light bowls fitted, which were then fitted with the original lights but new bezels. not without it's challenges! cheapo nasty fucking shite headlight units :evil:
Engine fan has gert big lumps taken out of it. I need to do a timing belt replacement on this engine. Aiming to sort the fan at the same time

Fuel filter was removed from drivers side location, it may go back to passenger side which I have the backet for. jury is out

front prop went on, captive bolts at the transfer box end were UNF but I think had metric nuts hammered onto them because they were a cunt ( and I do NOT use that word lightly) to do. By the time I realised I had 3 done up, one to go... which was a weapons grade little feller I can tell you

bumper and spoiler are now bolted in place, repro bumper looks nice, would be even nicer if they had welded the bolts in the right fucking place

dash top was installed over the heater and connectors were being connected up


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bringing us up to date on Southpaw

finally got myself organised and arranged a bulkhead blank plate, was then able to install loom and bracket for fuel filter... which might be too close to the exhaust

then the heater came back out again :roll: the owner mentioned that he thought the matrix was leaking. The tester suggested that it was

however it was some gloop/glue/shit on the bottom pipe that was not allowing the flexi to seat properly. still while it was apart I was able to peer into the unit and found buckets of mould foam remains and sand. cleaned it all out
replaced the rear wiper motor which was seized solid and burned out

heater unit was reassembled with new foams fitted and tested fine

installed, along with the dash top and then the steering column and controls. Had to splice old and new connectors for the front wiper motor and the ignition switch.

tomorrow electrics test I think

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Lovely to see some REAL Range Rovers...you doing the LHD up as a 'modern' or classic..also the 3.9 goes to show how understressed these engines are..

owned 2 2 doors, one was a P plate, the other a K reg (1972??)  also owned a softdash 300Tdi with uprated intercooler,injectors and pump - and by god did it fly!!! great feeling hitting 50 and feeling it 'squat' down by 50mm

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another busy week doing shit that I really hadn't planned for.

Started this time last week, left Devon for home at 3ish, just after 3:45 and 12miles into my journey the ungrateful fucker shat a core plug. Luckily I was 300 yards from a layby and not on a motorway.

Called Fathathestag to give me a tow home but we decided that was not a sensible option, weather was shit etc etc. called RAC and Fatha gave me a ride back to his house. 2h 45mins later and RAC van rocked up, nice chap tried to wedge the core plug back in that I took with me as a joke when driving back to site. Ended up connecting me to a pole and towing me 11 miles back. bit hairy but ok. Lucky that RR has an electric pump for brake booster, unlucky that it has mechanical power steering.

Buggered off home next morning to make sure I could make oldest thestag's 21st B'day celebs.All of the lads were home.

Monday, battery was too low to start! Plus all electrics under bonnet soaked with antifreeze from plug that shat

after charging and drying stuff out car started and sounded fine for relocation into barn


next morning, removed starter motor and refitted core plug

then retorqued all head bolts because 500miles since replacement


all back up and running, sounds peachy! BUT every time I drive through a puddle my nose picks up a whiff of OAT... I guess because the underside of the car is coated with it



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in Southpaw (1990 2 door RR RHD conversion) news, the horizon has been slightly brighter.

Battery was refitted, alas not being the correct type (I didn't supply it) the +ive and -ive terminals were the wrong way round

initial electric tests were fine but then got progressively more and more weird. Things that were working stopped working etc etc etc. turned out to be be earth related. Much diagnosis and consultation with wiring diagrams helped me to the solution

front wipers were next in line to hack the fuck out of my normally mild mannered temperament! :evil:
No wipers at all turned out to be; conumn control that wont work in Hi speed and Wiper motor that would only work in Hi Speed!!!! Once I figured that the next wiper motor wouldn't work self park, finally managed to get it resolved and signed off but honestly 2 hours !! car is haunted

wipers working and rack fixed to the bulkhead, the whole area was prepped with Dynax s50

odds and sods were prepped for a rattle can treatment to freshen them up and protect again rustage

Electric window loom was made up from a 4 door loom and tested just fine. Window switches will end up on the lower dash somewhere. customer doesn't want a centre console unit

excess wiring destined for under seat and centre console area was trimmed out

RH indicator tell tale wasn't working - or so I though.. brain wasn't working LHD speedo was in KM/H hence second hand unit in MPH but 1988 speedo head unit had separate LH and RH tell tales for the indicators. 1989 had one tell tale for both but it was in the same place as LH tell tale. quick fiddle had the correct template installed and MPH speedo head

this is the correct bit

and there's more....

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next key step is fuel line. For the VM installation the fuel supply is up the passenger side chassis rail, for the TDI it is drivers side rail. had to remove both feed and return lines, hence quite a bit of small fuel spillage

This feller is the fuel sedimenter, attaches to the shock mount on the rear axle. it allows water and diesel to separate and only diesel to head to the filter in the engine bay. It was caked in sand and mud. After a clean up it was mounted to the drivers side rail. fuel lines were shifted across and extended. Only one part of thee feed had an issue that was cut out and replaced with fuel friendly hose and clamps

new accelerator cable was fitted, which snapped as soon as I pressed the throttle pedal... For Fucks Actual Sake

As LH and RH cables are exactly the same length but with different part numbers for some inexplicable fucking reason I reused the OE LHD cable that the car came with.

Cranked engine with a view to bleeding fuel through to new filter and it fired first click, let it idle for 60 seconds and fuel was coming through the bleed screw on the filter. Piece of piss, honestly 8-)

Air filter was replaced, old unit weighs 5 times new unit. manly Spanish sand and dust

cleaned up rear end of chassis so I could install rear bumper. Managed to liberate over a kilo of sand and mud but also found a couple of holes in the rear cross member. Will patch it but ultimately it will need replacing in the next year

tidied the loom and installed the middle and lower dash sections

installed the deck panel

and trimmed out the passenger door.

Next week I am hoping to get MoT done!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Happy New Year folks, lets bring this up to date, 

Youtube channel has been changed to reflect my business name but the content and scope are exactly the same 


My 1993 Vogue daily driver has been behaving itself and despite it's thirst for unleaded has been performing well. Costing me about £15 more for pez rather than LPG on the 200 mile trip to Devon so I suspect despite enjoying the smooth and lusty acceleration it will be back on LPG again soon, jury is out because it is soooo nice on pez but I am limiting it to below 2.5k rpm else it would empty the tank even quicker

This has given me time this year to get Southpaw the ex-LHD Spanish RR finished. Which is good news as I need to finish the S3 109 van before another customer 1979 RR arrives in Feb for mechanical and electrical overhaul

Sweary videos are up on my youtube channel - always interested in feedback as to how they might be improved :P

Anyway enough bollocks here is Southpaw just before Christmas

Removed the d-post covers and despite loads of dust and sand there is no rust

cleaned it all and once dry dynax s50'd it before fitting better condition d-post covers
passenger side in a similar state
found this body? number on a plate near the n/s top vent, never seen one before, but then I have not had many d-post covers off 90s cars
Heater control bezel has tiny bulbs in fragile holders on the back of it, these can be a balls acre to fit. Watch the vid for top tip on cutting plastic etc to make life easier*
Battery clamp is usual, threaded rod and angle bar affair. not failed me yet
Screen was quite badly scratched, right across the drivers side. I used one of those cheapo ebay screen polishing kits and it got it good enough to pass an MoT. Expect that driving towards a low setting sun will make life miserable though until a new screen is fitted
rear seat was removed, owner wants this car to be 2 seat and stripped right out
instrument dimmer packed up which made all the instrument lights go off. caused me some bother until I realised root cause. unit originally fitted allowed lights to be dim. this unit was working until recently, i suspect that dimming 60w headlight bulbs overloaded it somewhat :evil: anyway stripping both units allowed me to get one unit to work correctly
dash did come together quite nicely in the end
More to come ....

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first test drive, promising but no indicator cancel
engine fan caused irritation. Car originally had 2.5VM Diesel fitted. At some point this was changed to a 200TDi. Fan and viscous however are from VM, they fit but the fan was in a state. Because all new viscous units are a. shit and b. made from cheese I ordered a VM fan to fit to the OE used VM viscous unit. Parts manuals are very helpful when it comes to this. Dealers and LR parts counter want reg number, spanish was no use to them and they kept trying to spec the wrong fan or a viscous made from cheese
similar issues with the fan shroud, this is needed to force air over the intercooler which sits to the right of the radiator. Made up my own mounts and had to adapt the 200tdi shroud
Then found that 1990 LHD range rover had wiper and washer on the rear t'other way around, ffs. Need a new wiper arm or an hour to switch them over.
And then MoT :D 12 mile drive to the station was noisy, very noisy, like 100dB noisy. but the car rides and handles beautifully
disappointment that it failed, panhard rod bush was loose on front axle and fuel feed pipe was now leaking
Fuel line was a 10 second fix, panhard rod was slightly more complicated. Polybush blue. The inner stainless tube is the correct width, the shoulders on the bush are too narrow by about 1.2mm. This allowed the halfs of the bush to walk outwards and give the play. I cut a 14mm hole through a 1mm washer, fit it over the inner tube and it pressed against the shoulder of the poly bush holding it in place. Will be onto Polybush.co.uk next week re this tiny issue
ready for retest and the fucking drivers side seatbelt will not secure in the catch! Turned out to be a lump of plastic dropped into the top by some mischievous Pixie
and there's more ......

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Retest was amusing. Because of Spanish reg the test was done against the VIN number. Which the tester manager to get wrong by one digit. He then had to do the entire test again. But these things happen. It passed which is the good news

Now onto cutting noise inside by at least 10bD, made up a card template for the gearbox cover
transferred it to 2mm thick steel sheet
fitted to the car, screws tighten it to the trans cover
test drive found that under extreme torque the transfer lever (nearest the heater controls) was kissing the cover.
After adjusting it I fitted gaiters that I bought from carbuildersolutions
Last job before whizzing home to see Mrs and lads was to "trial" fit flexi fuel filler pipe in place of heater hose. again from carbuilder solutions

for now, UK reg is next key step

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