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Operation Pig Iron: Volvo 740, Door handles & sunroof problems, Pg 21.


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I'm with Alf92- start up & drive; but then- this is new to you.


Stay off the brakes completely until it's runnng. It's always tempting to check there's a pedal, but if the calipers then seize on you've opened up a further world of potential pain.


That's a lot easier to deal with once the engine is warm, and the gearbox will move it.


If you must, use the handbrake ( or gears if it's not running) but stay away till everything else is resolved. Only when you are happy it's moved an inch under its own steam(!) try them.


Brakes will feel horrid. Discs will be rusty, pads graunchy, but that will clear within a mile or two. I tend to drive the first couple with my foot hard on the brake to clean up and warm through quicker. But it's not nice.


Tyres may have deformed, so strange noises and steering shake/ wobble. That will probably clear by the time you get home. Failing that, pump them way off the scale the last petrol station chance, and leave a couple of days. The warmth they use has generated will probably revert them to round, and the added pressure will show you any unwanted sidewall cracks .


It's a Volvo, it's not been laid up long, it's been loved. All point to a painless recomm.


If it gets silly I expect to return to the Uk next week and towing 4wd and appropriate equipment is available ( if the kids haven't hid it!)

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Thanks Mr Bickle! Really appreciate your expertise and offer of help if needed.


As you say, it's a Volvo and it's not like it's been sat that long. If it was a lesser marque and been sat longer I'd be more worried.

If you think it'd be best to just do the basics and get moving ASAP then I'll go with that. It's going to be much easier doing the bulk of the work on it when it's at home and through the MOT rather than on a sloping driveway that's not mine and miles from home!


It's the brakes that fill me with dread to be honest! I've had a bad experience with a seized caliper before.

Do you think they'll be ok after a year and a half?

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Yup, although you may feel differently for the first mile! Worst they will be is graunchy and grumbly...

Doubt they'll give you any real trouble, frankly.


However, If the poo does hit the fan, and they don't free off, a litre of accurately aimed water on the caliper usually shocks it free. Urine's good - too.....

If that still fails(2% probability) & it again grabs the disc harder as it heats up- there is a 'get you back' solution. Bit drastic, but heh!


Molegrip the top of the flexi shut, as hard as poss then cable tie out of the way . Now, cut it off beneath the grips (you need new anyway) & take the caliper off ( hence trolley jack).

Problem removed, albeit steering now a bit harder. Drastic, but better than locking up.


But it will get you home- or Mot station who can sort easily...

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Got sent a few more pics of the car. Engine this time though.


35587829476_d14ff1f6a4_o.jpgIMG_0341 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35587830116_0663a33a6e_o.jpgIMG_0339 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


No surprises here, it's a B230 with the good old K Jet injection. As expected and it's what I'd have preferred to be honest so that's good.

No air con by the looks of it but it's got cruise control!

It looks in decent shape really, reasonably tidy under the bonnet. And the current owner has had a look and the radiator is ok and not leaking. That big rusty looking stain on the ground under the car has however come from...


35587829716_705f03249f_o.jpgIMG_0340 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


The battery committing suicide! It's well burst open, and the stain looks like it's from the acid spilling out.

No bother though as I have a new one.

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What's caused the battery to burst? Can't be cold, it hasn't been that chilly the last few years!

Scrub under neath there when you get home to neutralise the acid..

God knows. I can only assume it's just got old and flat and just shorted? I've never known it to happen unless it shorts out or it's hit by something.

I'll wash it all out once home to get rid of any acid residue. Don't want it rotting the battery tray out or stripping any paint off.

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I've had similar with a clunky old charger, parked on top, causing a spark. Can't think if any other cause..

Take 2 batteries,if you can,in case charging it connected lunched the alternator.

Good idea. I 'might' have a look at ordering a new alternator, just incase... I seem to remember them being expensive though.



We use 12v batteries at work, connected together to give a DC 110v or 60v supply, as battery backup for some substations losing their supply. It keeps a supply available for essentials within the substation but they do the same thing when they get old. The top or sides just blow out! Possibly is just old age or cheap battery. Or both!

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This looks to be happening soon. No date yet, but the owner text me today asking for my details for the new V5. I think he's got to call dvla first though as the car isn't in his name but his dad's. So I'm just waiting for a date which will likely be a weekend.


The guy also said he's got a spare battery and he's going to try putting it on and starting it up, which, if he can should give me a bit of a head start on the day as it'll start easier for me if it's recently been run.

He then mentioned that up until fairly recently (when the battery popped) he'd been giving the car a run every now and then just to keep it going! This is good news to me as, even though it's been sat off the road a while it's clearly been running until a few months ago. Hopefully it'll start and run easily for it's trip to it's new home. I'm feeling a lot better about trying to move it now.


Just about all the spares I ordered are now here waiting. I'll just go get a Gerry can of fuel at some point soon and I'm all ready.

I'm going to have a look at some insurance this weekend too, not sure if I'll just get normal or go for a classic policy yet though. Classic should be cheaper and easy enough to get for this car but doesn't include NCB.


And, my yank headlights arrive tomorrow! Got a bill for import vat of £24 which I've paid. I'll get some pics of them once I've got them.


Hopefully it'll be coming home very soon!

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Being an old Volvo and not laid up too long it should start no bother off a good battery but might idle a bit lumpy. If it'll turn over but won't fire the fuel pump relay may have committed suicide but they aren't hard to get or fit.

Good luck!

I did think about the pump relay, I've got a new one here which I'll take with me.

I think it's behind the ashtray from memory isn't it?


There's two types aswell. As far as I can tell the green relay is normally on the older Kjet engines and the white relay on the later ones. I've got a brand new green one so hopefully it's the right one.

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Still no car yet...


But, have a pic of some of the parts that are now delivered and ready to go.


35587828836_6bf5220344_o.jpgIMG_0343 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


And, my US front end has arrived from sunny SanDiego!

These are absolutely fantastic and look like brand new. The chromed surrounds are cleaned up good condition originals, the steel back plates and adjusters are all fully stripped and reconditioned original parts and the sidelight/indicators are brand new items.

They come with sealed beam full beam lights and standard LHD sealed beam dips which will be changed for RHD standard lights with standard seperate bulbs.


34785987824_54d4f2faa1_o.jpgIMG_0345 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


35627169955_4970fd6f02_o.jpgIMG_0344 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


These are the new RHD lamps.


34994778603_cd9dc0788a_o.jpgIMG_0348 by Dan Clark, on Flickr


I think it's going to look brilliant with the Yank front end on it! Much more interesting than the standard Euro look.

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Just heard from the owner. Collectioneering looks set for Saturday 28 Jan.


I've got a pair of suitable 14'' wheels with decent tyres now, though they are steels but it's better to drive around on for now than the flat tyre currently on the front of the car. It might have flat spots by now and it might have a puncture anyway so I'll just change the wheels for the trip home and MOT.

I'll get a couple of Gerry cans of fresh petrol in the next few days too.


And I need to arrange a pre booked MOT, and get some insurance sorted!


I'm sure this will go ok but I'm going to (hopefully) be driving it home in convoy just in case something bad happens.

I can't wait to get it though!

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Bloody insurance!!


What a ball ache trying to get any is. Strangely it was almost only the big compare type websites that would offer me a quote. The likes of Churchill, Direct Line etc etc wouldn't offer me a quote.

Annoyingly they said that after I'd spent ages typing all the details in! Maybe the car is too old for them? Never had that happen before anyway and I've got a clean history with driving and insurance.


Got a decent quote eventually though, so I've now bought insurance with Performance Direct on a classic car policy so that's that boring load of bollocks sorted. One step closer!

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Just a quick update. And a confession!


This is on for this Saturday! Everything's arranged and good to go.





I've let the team down I'm afraid! I've chickened out of driving it home to a pre booked test.

I really didn't like the idea of trying to drive it back that far after it's been sat for so long and I know my luck and I'm paranoid I'd get pulled and screwed by the law if I tried driving it.


So, instead iv found someone with a flatbed who's going to go pick the car up and deliver it to my place.

I know it's a total cop out but at least this way I will get the car home and I won't end up in the shit with the police. Plus it eliminates any risk of breakdowns and other unpleasantness.



So the plan is, I will go up to Bath for about 11:00 Saturday morning, get the car started and moving. By then the recovery truck should be there. Load up and go home where much rejoicing shall ensue! Followed by cleaning and tinkerage with my new Volvo!

I've heard from the current owner and he's started the car, apparently it went pretty easily with a charged battery. It's been left running for a while and any roughness soon cleared and it settled to a smooth idle. That should have saved me a bit of time on the day anyway and it sounds like the cars in good order still.


I've got an MOT booked for Monday still although I'm not now driving straight to it. So the question is, do I still put it in for test or shall I cancel it and give the car a thorough going over first and book a test later once I've got it up to standard?

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I'd still have the test if you've got time for tinkering.  That way you can use the 'free retest time' to address anything that might come up.  That's the good thing about the drive home, gives you a really good chance to get a feel for what's going on.  


That said, I had my last car delivered so I'll pipe down!!

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I'd still have the test if you've got time for tinkering.  That way you can use the 'free retest time' to address anything that might come up.  That's the good thing about the drive home, gives you a really good chance to get a feel for what's going on.  


That said, I had my last car delivered so I'll pipe down!!

Yes! I should be ashamed!


I might just go for the test regardless then since it's already booked. If nothing else it then gives me a list of stuff to fix.

I might give it a cheeky run around the estate once it's home, just to see how it feels. I've got whatever time is left on Saturday and all day Sunday too to have a poke around with it and I'm off work on the Monday too.

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Collection day tomorrow!


I've got all the basics together ready to load up tomorrow morning. I shouldn't need too much since I'm cheating and having the car transported but Ive still got to get it moving on it's own to load and unload.

There shouldn't be any issues really as the car is a runner.






Wish me luck!

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I have no problem with you taking the easy route, after my last Volvo collection caper went horribly wrong. Similar in a way, as the car had been regularly started until the battery went flat one day. Battery had been slow-charged prior to my arrival, and I got several miles before it ran out of juice. Not charging. The brakes were draggy on the drive home too. Not one of my better capers.

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