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Your Filthy Shite


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You know how at certain times of years farmers literally spray shit on their fields?

You know how trucks pick up loads of water from the roads and throw it all over your car?

Here's what happens when these combine. Behold, a Suzuki literally covered in shit.




Does moss count?



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Seemingly forgotten black 1978 Volvo 244 DL fitted with lots of desirable factory options in amazing condition under the dust, which I discovered in an underground car park in the posh part of west London in 2011:






I really hope that it's still there gathering dust, as the DVLA say that it has been untaxed since 2011 and without an MOT since 2012.

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Crickey. All your definitions of filthy are not the same as mine. I finally bowed to pressure and washed the c-max on Friday (typically this thread arrived after I washed it so you'll have to believe me!) and I had to shovel the mud off before I could wash it! This is due to me being a carer doing lots of miles down the spotless lanes of Somerset and Dorset. Farmers and their shit spreading abilities are amazing!

On a side note why don't they make glue out of cow shit as once that bastard stuff dries on you can't get it off!!

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I haven't washed the Kia since I got it (did then) and being silver, it still looks okay, the interior is another matter as the rear carpet has disappeared under dog hair and the back seat (black leather) is brown with muddy footprints, windows covered in 'dog art' and is just generally, unpleasant.


The Bentley gets washed so often I am getting worried I'll wash the paint away! Every time it's used (dogs always in the back) I clean the rear seats/windows and the outside where Chester has drooled all down the side. The carpets etc are all covered so I 'think' they are still okay...


To be honest, it is sooooooo very relaxing using the Kia that cost nowt and I care nothing about rather than that expensive green dollop that I am paranoid about, that I am tempted to just leave the BGD in the garage until the weather improves, so about July next year for a week!

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I followed a Zoe this morning which hadn't been washed for a day or two and it definitely looked the better for it, pleasingly subtle shapes down the flanks were visible which aren't when the car is clean. I think it was LJKS who suggested all cars should be viewed dirty before purchase, to see how aesthetically pleasing and practical they were when used in the real world.


Totally clean cars never look right to my eyes, I reckon a real car looks smartest a couple of days after a wash, when the roads are dirty. 

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