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320Touring's RACECAR 1.6 Megane FREE CAR


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After its sterling performance on track (24 or so laps prior to the track day being cancelled) Where it still did 18mpg according to the obc;) I thought I had best show it some attention..


So it got a bit of a clean out, the rear seats and boot reconstructed and I even went as far as finding treasures* (if either prev owner wants the stuff let me know!)


Lastly I marvelled at 2 exquisite design features..


Rear window switches behind the handbrake, and the world's shortest dipstick.


Then she was tucked up with her younger sister for the evening.








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Yup thats my road map, had it over 25 years and used it for all our family holidays, pm me your paypal and let me know how much to return it, It does have sentimental value. Thanks by the way.

I have had 49 MPG out of My Nibblet, she never let me down and believe it or not the abs sensor is only 12 months or so old, apparantly if you go through puddles the rain water corrodes the sensor ring so if you clean it the problem goes away, so I was told at the garage.

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