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1999 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC Motegi Auto 77k Miles - For recommission or spares £400


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Hi, I know this is not really Autoshite, but thought I'd list it here before having to deal with eBay timewasters again.


Looking for £495.


**Will need to be removed by trailer or similar**


Rare 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC Motegi

I am reluctantly listing my Prelude for sale as I haven't driven it for several years due to ill health. It has sat unused on my drive since autumn 2008 and has been on SORN ever since. The car was purchased in June 2007 and has done less than 1000 miles in my ownership. When it was last used there were no faults present and everything worked as it should, the lack of use is purely down to my ongoing health issues.  However, it's last MOT expired in April 2009 and has not had any maintenance since. The battery was completely dead, so I have just fitted a new Exide battery and some fresh fuel, it started first time without any problems. I have checked the car over and detail the condition as follows:
Please bear in mind that as it is not currently road legal, it has not been road tested.
Engine & Gearbox: Runs very nicely with no untoward noises. A little bit of smoke on first starting, but possibly this is due to stale fuel/needing a service and sitting for so long, as I never noticed this when in use previously. Revs cleanly and idles smoothly. Will need a fluid service and cambelt in due course.
Brakes: All discs are heavily corroded and will need replacement before an MOT. The handbrake was seized but this has now been freed off and the car can be moved although there are a couple of high spots on the rear discs.
Steering: The four wheel steering appears to be working correctly. The power steering fluid cooler had corroded (a common issue) and has been bypassed with a length of hose as it was leaking. This is a temporary fix although other owners have continued to run with a bypass without any issue.
Electrics: All windows, sunroof, fans, radio/cd, mirrors and lights operating correctly. The Air-con is no longer blowing cold, so will require a regas at minimum.
Wheels & Tyres: The 17" Motegi alloys were refurbished in 2008 and have no kerbing marks.The paint however has bubbled in several places so would ideally require a respray. All tyres are in good visual condition. The offside rear (Bridgestone RE040) was fitted in March 2008 and has had less than 250 miles use. The front nearside is no longer holding air, possibly due to age or valve as it hasn't been anywhere to get punctured.
Interior: The very rare optional Honda sports leather interior is in good condition but there are some wear and tear marks present on the front seats. The rear seats are in excellent unmarked condition. The leather steering wheel has definitely seen better days and is quite worn, but there are no tears or rips. The floor mats are in good condition but there is some sun fading on the passenger side. The rare optional black leather with red stitching gear knob and handbrake cover are showing some wear but with no rips or tears. The very rare 4 piece carbon panel set (doors, centre console, cup holder and gear shift surround) is in very good condition.
Bodywork: In excellent condition. I had a few parking dents/dints professionally removed by a highly skilled paintless dent removal man. The only dent he was unable to remove was on the bonnet as this is double skinned. The arches and sills appear to be solid and the only real signs of rust I can find are some small blemishes in the boot shut surround and the sunroof assembly.
Paintwork: The Supermarine Blue paint is in good condition but would benefit from a clay or orbital polish to really bring back the deep shine. There are a few small blemishes but these should respond to some paint restorer or polish. Meguiars three step system is what I have used in the past and recommend.  The worst panel is the bootlid, unfortunately the lacquer has broken down and it would really need respraying to look good again.
Other: I do not have the red key and only have one working black immobiliser key. I have a spare black key, but this doesn't seem to be recognised by the car although I understand it may be possible for an Auto Electrician to recode from the working key. I also only have one working remote keyfob for the optional alarm/immobiliser. The spare just doesn't seem to want to power up. I believe replacements are still available from the manufacturer, Hamiliton and Palmer and can be coded using the existing keyfob. Obviously, if you are happy just to have one working key or intend breaking the car than this is irrelevant.
In summary, this is a rare model Prelude fitted with some rare optional extras that will need some work to restore to its former glory or easily broken for good quality parts. Will need to be removed by trailer or similar from Rustington, West Sussex BN16.
Service History Details:
18/12/1999    9k/12 Month Service -   8990 Miles - Yeomans Honda (Main Dealer)
01/07/2000  18k/24 Month Service - 18353 Miles - Yeomans Honda (Main Dealer)
27/01/2001  27k/36 Month Service - 27210 Miles - Yeomans Honda (Main Dealer)
17/10/2002  36k/48 Month Service - 40514 Miles - J B Motor Engineers (Independent)
16/03/2005  45k/60 Month Service - 61426 Miles - Yeomans Honda (Main Dealer) Includes Cambelt Change
15/06/2007  54k/72 Month Service - 76304 Miles - Mike Hammond Motors (Indepedent) 
MOT History:
Vehicle make HONDA
Vehicle model PRELUDE 2.2 VTI AUTO
Date first used 29 April 1999 
Fuel type Petrol 
Colour Blue
MOT history of this vehicle
Test date 1 April 2008 Test Result Fai
Odometer reading 77,041 miles
MOT test number 5244 1289 8054
Reason(s) for failure
Nearside Registration plate lamp not working (1.1.5c)
Offside Registration plate lamp not working (1.1.5c)
Test date 1 April 2008
Expiry date 29 April 2009
Test Result Pass
Odometer reading 77,041 miles
MOT test number 2442 5249 8059
Test date 30 April 2007
Expiry date 29 April 2008
Test Result Pass
Odometer reading 76,103 miles
MOT test number 9811 0082 7156
Test date 13 April 2006
Expiry date 12 April 2007
Test Result Pass
Odometer reading 71,939 miles
MOT test number 2941 3350 6131



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That's a wondrous car for the right buyer and deserves to go to a good home. Auto box and 2.2 VTEC seems an odd combination, am I miles out to guess this is a rare breed, even besides its Monteginess?


AFAIK all the 2.2s of this generation of Prelude were autos. I've certainly never seen, nor heard of, a manual one!

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Looks like it's not going to Basildon after all :-(


Anyone here want to take it for £400?


If not I will be listing it back on ebay again tomorrow. Wish me luck :-D


BTW how do I edit the topic title?

Distance can be a real pain if you don't have access to a trailer. I would have bought a lot more cars over the years (probably yours included) if I could have got them home cheaply. But when you think what is involved £1 a mile is not really expensive, it just seems it when it's 250 miles on a £400 car.
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Distance can be a real pain if you don't have access to a trailer. I would have bought a lot more cars over the years (probably yours included) if I could of got them home cheaply. But when you think what is involved £1 a mile is not really expensive, it just seems it when it's 250 miles on a £400 car.


Indeed...I've had several enquiries about the car, but being right on the south coast means a long trek just to view it for most people, which is probably why no one has actually looked at it yet :?  

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